HAWKS Hawks are predators

| October 22, 2018


Hawks are predators.
They live by killing small animals, and they are as essential to the balance of
nature as are their prey. It would be ridiculous to think of hawks as bad and
baby rabbits as good. In nature, predators and prey are equally valid. But we
don’t live in nature. We’ve created our own artificial cocoon called
civilization. And in this now capitalistic cocoon, predators and prey are
definately NOT equally valid. “Hawk” is the common politiical metaphor for
war-monger, as oppossed to “dove” which is the political metaphor for
peace-maker. Do students at the University of Hartford really want a hawk as
their mascot, as their aspirational symbol? I suggest ‘humanitarians” as
the better mascot. It preserves the aliteration, i.e., the Hartford Humanitarians,
and builds upon the University’s wonderful motto: “Ad Humanitatem.” Predators
are common mascots for competitors, e.g., Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bears, Detroit
Lions and Tigers, Philadelphia Eagles, Florida Gators, etc. Taking
humanitarians as our mascot would set us apart and call attention to what
really matters, i.e., sharing.

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