Harran University MGT 201 Chapter 18

| June 14, 2016

Chapter 18 The Communications Mix

1) More companies are adopting the concept of ________, which is the coordination of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and personal selling to ensure that all marketing communications are consistent and relevant to the target market.

A) integrated marketing communications

B) integrated personal selling

C) integrated competitive methods

D) nonpersonal communication channels

E) viral marketing

2) Successful integrated marketing communications will result in a company’s mass-market advertisements, Web site, direct mail, and personal selling communications all having ________.

A) equal portions of the advertising budget

B) independent communications directors

C) separate marketing objectives

D) media optimization plans

E) a consistent message

3) Management of a company that adheres to the principle of integrated marketing communications is most likely to believe which of the following?

A) The use of multiple marketing delivery methods is advantageous.

B) The use of a single marketing delivery method is advantageous.

C) Long-term relationships with customers are best nurtured through sales promotion.

D) Long-term relationships with customers are best nurtured through public relations.

E) Short-term relationships with customers are more profitable than long-term relationships with customers.

4) The ________ is comprised of the various elements companies can use to communicate with the target market, including advertising, public relations, sales promotion, and personal selling.

A) integrated media

B) interpersonal media

C) communications mix

D) media mix

E) AIDA model

5) A company with limited financial resources would be LEAST likely to use which of the following elements of the communications mix?

A) personal selling

B) sales promotions

C) local newspaper advertising

D) national television advertising

E) public relations

6) In the AIDA model, the D stands for ________.

A) demand

B) desire

C) data

D) do-it-yourself

E) decoding

7) In the AIDA model, advertising and public relations are most effective at generating ________.

A) demand

B) desire

C) awareness

D) action

E) interest

8) In the AIDA model, personal selling and sales promotions are most effective at generating ________.

A) demand

B) decoding

C) awareness

D) action

E) interest

9) Which strategy directs marketing efforts toward end consumers rather than retailers and wholesalers?

A) pull

B) blitz

C) push

D) integrated marketing communication

E) promotions

10) Which strategy directs marketing efforts toward channel members such as wholesalers and retailers rather than final consumers?

A) pull

B) blitz

C) push

D) integrated marketing communication

E) promotions

11) Thirty years ago, ________ dominated the media landscape.

A) radio and cable television

B) network television and print

C) outdoor media and interactive media

D) radio and mobile media

E) interactive media and television

12) Thirty years ago, which of the following was the LEAST popular advertising media for marketers?

A) radio

B) digital

C) outdoor

D) print

E) television

13) In terms of media habits, the average American spends more time ________ than ________.

A) reading magazines and books; watching television

B) reading newspapers; listening to the radio

C) using the Internet; watching television

D) using the Internet; reading magazines

E) reading newspapers; playing video games

14) Which of the following would NOT be classified as a media type?

A) print

B) broadcast

C) Internet

D) personal selling

E) out-of-home

15) ________ measures how inexpensively a media vehicle is able to communicate with a particular customer segment.

A) Media reach

B) Media impact

C) Media engagement

D) Media efficiency

E) Impression

16) ________ is a qualitative assessment of the value of a message exposed in a particular medium.

A) Media reach

B) Media impact

C) Media engagement

D) Media efficiency

E) Impression

17) ________ is a measure of how attentively audiences read, watch, or listen to a particular medium.

A) Media reach

B) Media impact

C) Media engagement

D) Media efficiency

E) Impression

18) Which of the following would be the best media type selection for a company marketing a complex product that needs to be demonstrated in order for consumers to understand the benefits it will deliver?

A) radio

B) newspaper

C) out-of-home

D) magazine

E) television

19) All of the following are reasons that marketers may be losing confidence in network television advertising EXCEPT which one?

A) Production expenses for a polished TV commercial can be substantial.

B) Network television no longer commands the majority of broadcast spending.

C) Many viewers are using DVRs to watch television shows after they have aired.

D) Network television advertising is not as effective at marketing toward smaller and more narrowly defined target markets.

E) The results of network television advertising are not as easily measurable as the results of Internet advertising.

20) Broadcast media include all of the following EXCEPT which one?

A) network television

B) local television

C) cable television

D) radio

E) the Internet

21) ________ is a measure of the number of people who could potentially receive an ad through a particular media vehicle.

A) Reach

B) Impression

C) Circulation

D) Traffic

E) Frequency

22) Nielsen Media’s television and radio ratings report which of the following?

A) a particular media vehicle’s impact

B) the level of engagement an audience has with specific television and radio programs

C) the media efficiency of different television and radio programs

D) the percentage of a total available audience watching or listening to specific programs

E) CPM for a variety of programs

23) CPM stands for ________.

A) cost per thousand

B) cost per million

C) consumer promoted media

D) cost per media

E) competitively priced media

24) Which of the following statements about radio as an advertising medium is true?

A) Radio advertising is typically quite expensive.

B) National radio advertising opportunities are simple to purchase.

C) Radio does an excellent job of targeting audiences with specific interests.

D) Radio prohibits the use of segmentation strategies.

E) Radio is defined as an out-of-home medium.

25) Vast numbers of consumers are aware of your product. It is now your goal to enhance preference for your product. You plan to use nonpersonal communications through print media. This will include all of the following EXCEPT ________.

A) newspapers

B) magazines

C) banner advertising

D) flyers

E) signs

26) Which of the following statements about magazines as an advertising medium is true?

A) Magazines have long lead times.

B) Magazines do not have a long life span in comparison to other print media.

C) Magazine advertisers almost always use a mass marketing strategy.

D) Magazines do not have a high level of credibility.

E) Magazines have poor reproduction quality of images.

27) A magazine’s ________ can be thought of as a measure of its ________.

A) impact; reach

B) reach; engagement

C) circulation; efficiency

D) circulation; reach

E) efficiency; impact

28) Which media type offers the longest life for an advertisement?

A) radio

B) network television

C) magazine

D) newspaper

E) cable television

29) Which of the following is an advantage offered by local newspapers?

A) long life

B) high pass-along rate

C) high quality images

D) timeliness

E) increasing readership

30) Which of the following statements about newspapers is true?

A) The reach of a national newspaper such as USA Today is comparable to the reach of network television.

B) The growing size of online newspaper audiences has offset the decline in newspaper readership.

C) Newspaper advertisements are so inexpensive that it is cost-effective to reach a mass audience spread throughout the United States by purchasing advertising in multiple local newspapers.

D) Newspapers and magazines have similar lead times.

E) Professionally written newspaper articles lend credibility to the ads that appear within the newspaper.

31) The number of times an individual is exposed to an advertising message by a media vehicle is known as ________.

A) impact

B) reach

C) frequency

D) impression

E) engagement

32) In comparison with magazines and television, out-of-home media offers a ________.

A) lower frequency

B) higher CPM

C) greater media engagement

D) greater media impact

E) less cluttered media environment

33) Which type of interactive media involves the placement of advertisements onto various Web sites that link to the sponsor’s Web page?

A) classified advertising

B) banner advertising

C) search marketing

D) mobile advertising

E) gaming

34) Mobile advertising refers to advertisements delivered through ________.

A) magazines with strong pass-along effects

B) time-shifting devices such as DVRs

C) portable communications devices such as PDAs

D) outdoor boards near highways and other heavily trafficked locations

E) posters on buses, trains, and taxis

35) Blogs and social networks are both examples of ________.

A) consumer-generated content

B) broadcast media

C) out-of-home media

D) search marketing

E) branded entertainment

36) Product placement in television programs and movies is an example of ________.

A) branded entertainment

B) user-generated content

C) search marketing

D) networking

E) out-of-home advertising.

37) Branded entertainment is best suited for which of the following?

A) a complex product

B) a product with a niche target market

C) a new brand

D) a brand with mass consumer awareness

E) a brand with limited consumer awareness

38) The first step in the media selection process is to ________.

A) develop a customer media profile

B) establish a media budget and objectives

C) create a media plan

D) buy media

E) place media

39) A media objective is a clear statement conveying ________.

A) which audiences the media will address

B) goals for profits and revenues

C) what the media plan will accomplish

D) how the product benefits will be conveyed

E) how types of media will be selected for the plan

40) The optimal method for setting a media budget is the ________ approach because it is based on spending necessary to accomplishing specific media objectives.

A) percentage-of-sales-revenue

B) affordable

C) media footprint

D) objective-and-task

E) media optimization

41) The ________ is a document that describes how an advertiser plans to spend its media budget to reach its objectives.

A) media audit

B) ad trafficker

C) rate card

D) media placement

E) media plan

42) To approximate and compare the relative impact of media decisions, media planners use ________.

A) media engagement

B) ad traffic plans

C) impressions

D) gross rating points

E) circulation

43) GRP is determined by multiplying ________ by ________.

A) impact; impressions

B) impact; reach

C) engagement; frequency

D) reach; frequency

E) engagement; impact

44) The majority of network television advertising is sold through ________.

A) an upfront market

B) scatter buys

C) rate cards

D) ad trafficking

E) media auditing

45) ________ are officially published prices for media such as magazines, newspapers, radio, and out-of-home.

A) Upfront markets

B) Scatter buys

C) Rate cards

D) Ad traffics

E) Media audits

46) ________ is the procedure for getting completed ads to the correct media firm.

A) Upfront marketing

B) Scatter buying

C) Media planning

D) Ad trafficking

E) Media auditing

47) ________ is the adjustment of media plans to maximize their performance.

A) Media buying

B) Media optimization

C) Media selection

D) Media planning

E) Media scheduling

48) A ________ measures how well each selected media vehicle performs in terms of its estimated audience delivery and cost.

A) make-good

B) media schedule

C) media flowchart

D) media audit

E) media optimization

49) To guide their media planning and plan optimization, some companies use ________ to analyze the effects of different components, such as the impact of independent media vehicles on a target variable such as sales.

A) media footprints

B) media flowcharts

C) modeling

D) ad trafficking

E) make-goods

50) ________ occurs when ads from outside a test market enter the test market area and have the potential to confuse a marketer’s reach and frequency calculations, while ________ occurs when ads meant for the test market touch people in nearby non-test markets.

A) Spill-out; spill-in

B) Spill-in; spill-out

C) Auditing; modeling

D) Modeling; auditing

E) Ad trafficking; media optimization

51) Harpo Enterprises maintains the Oprah Winfrey show, a Web site, and O magazine. Because Harpo Enterprises practices integrated marketing communications, these different brand contacts all maintain ________ in design and tone.

A) variety

B) contact

C) consistency

D) creativity

E) convenience

52) Business-to-consumer companies are more likely to emphasize a(n) ________ strategy, while business-to-business companies are more likely to emphasize a(n) ________ strategy.

A) pull; push

B) push; pull

C) pulse; pull

D) integrated communication; targeted communication

E) targeted communication; integrated communication

53) An ad in a professional journal targeted to an audience of dentists asked dentists to recommend Crest toothpaste to their patients. It offered toothpaste samples that dentists could buy at cost to give to their patients to encourage patients to take better care of their teeth. The manufacturer of Crest toothpaste was using ________.

A) personal selling

B) direct marketing

C) a push strategy

D) a pull strategy

E) public relations

54) Advertisers are increasingly shifting larger portions of their budgets to media that cost less and have more specific target audiences. Which of the following will be harmed the MOST by such a shift?

A) radio

B) newspapers

C) network television

D) search marketing

E) mobile advertising

55) You receive a report that 68% of your target market has been exposed to your ad campaign during a given period of time. The information in the report relates to ________.

A) reach

B) frequency

C) impact

D) engagement

E) ad traffic

56) A full page ad published in Saveur magazine, which focuses on cooking and enjoying authentic food from around the world, has a total number of 1,500,000 impressions and costs $33,000. What is the CPM for this ad?

A) $49.50

B) $45.45

C) $33

D) $22

E) $18

57) Anderson Athletics pays a fee to have its Web site included in a special section of a search engine’s results when a consumer searches for “soccer cleats.” This is an example of ________.

A) mobile advertising

B) classified advertising

C) print advertising

D) search marketing

E) gaming

58) Sandy is opening a second hair and nail salon in the suburban area of Des Moines, Iowa. Sandy wants to advertise her new store without spending a great deal on purchasing media or producing an advertising campaign. However, she wants to reach a large segment of the population in and around Des Moines. To promote her grand opening, it would be best for Sandy to place advertisements in which of the following media vehicles?

A) national newspapers

B) local radio

C) beauty magazines

D) network television

E) outdoor boards

59) Some television shows have shown actors drinking a cup of Starbucks coffee. In these instances, Starbucks has chosen ________ as a marketing tool.

A) networking

B) direct marketing

C) broadcast advertising

D) branded entertainment

E) public relations

60) U-Frame-It is a small company that has hired a local ad agency to put together an advertising campaign. Which of the following questions should be answered first?

A) What percentage of the budget should be allocated to U-Frame-It radio ads?

B) Which type of media vehicle is most appropriate for U-Frame-It ads?

C) What are the media objectives of U-Frame-It?

D) How does U-Frame-It’s competition advertise?

E) What is the demographic of U-Frame-It’s customer base?

61) An advertisement that is scheduled to run three times during the network television broadcast of a college football game with an expected reach rating of 4.0 among men 18-24 would have a GRP of ________.

A) 3

B) 4

C) 7

D) 12

E) 13

62) Kirsten is a media buyer working for a company that produces frozen side dishes and entrees. The marketing team at the company wanted to guarantee that advertisements for its new line of frozen desserts would be aired on at least two of the most popular new television series of the year. Based on this requirement, Kirsten most likely purchased the television advertising through ________.

A) ad trafficking

B) scatter buys

C) media placement

D) rate cards

E) upfront markets

Refer to the scenario below to answer the following questions.

The Treble Clef offers a complete line of sheet music, musical instruments, and novelty gifts of a musical nature. In recent years, owner Gary Zahn has even served as the local representative of several musical instrument manufacturers, providing a contact person for three local school districts. “If we don’t have it, chances are excellent that we can get it for you,” Gary tells all Treble Clef visitors and customers.

Most walk-ins are particularly interested in a specific piece of sheet music from a particular era or just browsing among the hundreds of musical knickknacks in the store. Gary spends most of his time making presentations to beginning music students at the local schools and making biweekly visits to the schools in order to deliver instruments, make minor repairs when possible, or pick up instruments to ship to the manufacturer for more complicated repairs.

After dragging his feet for quite some time, Gary was convinced that a Treble Clef Web site could benefit a variety of customers. He began with a simple site explaining store hours and depicting types of gifts and services available. The site received so much response that Gary added a question-and-answer option. Questions poured in, ranging from “Where can I get the sheet music for ‘Hello, Dolly’?” to “Do you carry clarinet reeds?” to “My saxophone needs two new pads. When will you be at Elmhurst school to repair it?” The Web site is now able to accept credit card orders, and gifts can even be wrapped and shipped for no extra charge.

“I don’t know how we did it without our Web site,” Gary admitted. “It allows us to be so responsive. And our novelties sales have doubled!”

63) Two music students at one of the local schools the Treble Clef services have created a “Fans of Treble Clef” page on Facebook. More than 100 current and former students have joined the Facebook group. This is an example of ________.

A) search marketing

B) user-generated content

C) classified advertising

D) banner advertising

E) mobile advertising

64) Gary wanted to increase traffic to Treble Clef’s Web site in hopes of broadening his customer base to other geographical areas. To help Internet users looking for sheet music and musical instruments find his Web site, Gary would most likely use ________.

A) search marketing

B) branded entertainment

C) classified advertising

D) gaming

E) mobile advertising

65) Gary has decided to spend $35,000 in the next six month advertising Treble Clef. He has written out a document that lists the different local newspapers, radio stations, and cable television networks he plans to advertise in, as well as the number of times he wants advertisements to run and when. The document also includes a description of the two billboards near the store that Gary wants to arrange to advertise on for three months. This document is Treble Clef’s ________.

A) media placement

B) media plan

C) media audit

D) scatter buy

E) media optimization

66) In most cases, two or more communication tools are used to reach a target audience.

67) Because of the information technology revolution, few major companies today use ad agencies to develop advertising campaigns.

68) Marketers of high-priced products, such as automobiles, typically use personal selling.

69) In comparison to sales promotion and personal selling, advertising is more effective at moving customers to take action.

70) Some consumers use multiple types of media at the same time.

71) The more media efficient a media vehicle is, the more finely it is able to target niche demographic segments.

72) Although network television advertising is expensive, the cost per exposure is relatively low.

73) The more impressions a type of media can generate, the greater its reach is.

74) In comparison to cable television, radio is a high-cost medium.

75) The audience of national newspapers tends to be more upscale than the audience of local newspapers.

76) Digital media is also known as broadcast media.

77) A percentage-of-sales-revenue approach to setting a media budget is more complex than a task-and-objective approach.

78) A media flowchart contains the same basic information as a media plan in a more visual form.

79) A make-good ad is essentially a replacement for any media that did not run as scheduled.

80) A test market has a profile similar to that of the control market, but it does not receive any special treatment.

81) Dry, a maker of a line of men’s and women’s deodorants, is interested in including only the most efficient media types in its media plan. Dry is unlikely to include network television in its media plan.

82) On Monday, Brittany decided that she wanted to place an advertisement announcing a sale at her jewelry store this upcoming weekend. A local newspaper would be a logical place for Brittany to place her advertisement.

83) As a media buyer, Gus should expect to make newspaper advertising purchases on the basis of scatter buys.

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