Hands-on 3

| June 9, 2016

Utilizing the templates provided on the Schwalbe’s textbook website, the listed Final Project documentation items at Table 10-4 on page 428 from the Schwalbe textbook, and Appendix 14.1 from Larson’s and Gray’s text please create the following professional formatted forms:

1. 1.Create Expectation Management Matrix in a table format using the data from your previous Assignment # 5. Use as a sample the Table 13-3 on page 517 of Schwalbe’s textbook. You could modify and extend with additional measures of success, such as achieving customers’ satisfaction, exceeding ROI projections, accomplishing great quality expectations. Write one page Memo to the stakeholders introducing to them the Expectation Management Matrix.

2. Create Final Project Closeout Reportbased on templates from the Schwalbe’s textbook, and Appendix 14.1 from Larson’s & Gray’s text. Use as project information the data from your previous Assignments #5 and #6, and prepare a professional looking Final Project Closeout Report for concluding the project. Assume the project is finished on time (for 6 months) and on budget ((total project cost $200K) as it was initially planned. This task should be integrated in one MS Word file and should include:

2.1 2.1 Final report with executive summary, review analysis, and recommendations
2.2 Project Deliverables
2.3 Client acceptance form
2.4 Lessons learned report.

3. Create 15 to 20 slides Power Point presentation using the information from Task 1 and 2 above to present at the closing meeting with the stakeholders the Final project information.

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