GROWTH AND 230 – Fetal Stage of Prenatal Development

| April 14, 2018

As you review material for each developmental period, you will find some concepts more interesting and applicable to your personal or work situation than others will.Key Term- FetalAfter you have selected the key term that interests you the most from the list above, research at least five (5) recent scholarly articles that relate to the concept on which you wish to focus your research. Your initial discussion board posting will contain at least 500 words and follow APA or MLA format (you can choose either one, but you must follow one approach). Make sure you cite all sources and you must have at least 5 resources. Articles may be found in reputable professional and scholarly journals that deal with the content of our course. Popular general reading magazines and online sources such as Wikipedia are not permissible. Make sure you use the online library resources that are provided by the college. Part 1 is due 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday.You will copy and paste your APA or MLA formatted paper into the box as well as uploading your original word document in APA or MLA format for grading.

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