Grand Canyon UNV504 Week 3 Discussion DQ1,DQ2 & DQ 3 Lastes 2015 October

| January 30, 2017

Colleen Barrett is the former president of Southwest Airlines. She is a proponent of servant leadership and provides a case study of servant leadership in “Southwest Airlines’ Colleen Barrett on ‘Servant Leadership'” and “Servant Leadership.”

Describe the ways Southwest Airlines uses servant leadership. What did you learn about servant leadership from the video? In what ways will you apply servant leadership in your field?


Dr. Clayton Christensen is a Harvard Business School professor, cancer survivor, man of faith, and expert on innovation. As a servant leader, he challenges his students to take a serious look at their lives, relationships, and priorities.

Refer to “How Will You Measure Your Life?” What was the best piece of advice he gave? How will his recommendations help you in your career and personal life? How will you apply these suggestions in your life and career?

Microsoft Excel is a common learning tool in graduate courses. Refer to “Excel Tutorial Links.” If you are unfamiliar with an Excel task, select the corresponding Excel concept video. Learn something new about using Excel and report in the forum on at least three lessons learned from the videos.

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