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3D systems,
called stereolithography rapid prototyping (SLA), are complex and costly. CEO
Chuck Hull, changed the SLA systems to 3D systems, which focus on rapid design,
communication, prototypes and the production functional parts and products. 3D
systems will begin to produce 3D printers with the acquisition of Z
Corporation Company, .

Industry Analysis
After 3D
systems acquire Z Corporation Company, they will rise to the top of their industry
which has $3 billion market shares currently.

The two main
competitors currently are Delcam and Dassault Systèmes. They focus on creating
software, developing systematic engineering and design processes.

To grow awareness
for Cubify normal user, the 3D system implements integrated marketing
communications(IMC) plan to capture new target market. The IMC objective aims
to increase exposure and awareness while maintaining its current positioning
and identity.


Increase family and average income customers usage of 3D printers by
Increase 3D printer showrooms by 3 downtown areas of major cities.

Increase 15%
exposure and awareness using social media like facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

A fair value estimate of the cost for
the IMC campaign is: $2,766,058.2. By forecast average price for 3D printers is
$20,000, 3D Systems must sell around 2,0003D printers every year to break even
from this proposed IMC campaign.

The success of
this integrated marketing plan will be measured by actual profit margin,
increase of social media followers, coupon usage, market shares and number of
new stores.

Our IMC plan
willincrease awareness of 3DSystems and its printing capabilities will help us continue
to develop advanced technology while taking care of the environment at the same

Imagine a
world where anything you image could be printed into something that you can
physically touch. 3D Systems is making this dream a reality with a printer that
can satisfy any job and provides the connection between imagination and
creation. The market for 3D printing is still growing, but 3D Systems is at the
top of the list for innovativeness compared to its competitors and is the
leader in the industry for how printing is changing our world. The following
market plan will provide a thorough analysis of 3D Systems IMC plan, with
detailed information regarding their advertising objectives, implement and
finance analysis etc. The purpose behind 3D Systems’ IMC plan is to increase
sales revenues and market share as well as generate awareness for 3D Systems by
understanding their target markets to normal families and average income
3D systems was
founded in 1986 in California. The founder Chuck Hull established the first
stereolithography rapid prototyping (SLA), but the SLA systems was complex and
costly. The SLA systems focused on reducing resource expenditures while
increasing accuracy and quality of the results. CEO Chuck Hull changed the
brand name from SLA to 3D systems, and made the goals of the corporation to
focus on rapid design, communicating, prototyping and producing functional
parts and products. In 2003, CEO of 3D systems Abe Reichental was listed as top
five most influential people in TCT magazine. 3D systems are expanding in areas
for engineers, designers, software, materials, printers and printable contents.
In 2011, 3D systems acquire Z Corporation Company, a 3D printer company that
will help increasing its efficiency and productivity.
While the 3D
printing industry isn’t relatively new, it has expanded immensely due to
advances in technology. Forbes predicts that the industry will be worth $3.1
billion by 2016, and as much as $5.2 billion by 2020. Recent acquisitions have
shaken up the landscape of the industry. Over the past two years, 3D Systems
had a total of 24 acquisitions, headlined by acquiring Z Corp and Vidar for
$135.5 million, which put them at the top of the 3D printing world. In
response, the major competitors Stratasys and Objet vertically merged into one
company called Stratasys. They now have a total market share of $3 billion,
which exceeds 3D Systems’, whose capitalization is around $2.4 billion. The 3D
printing industry is on a obvious rise and could change the perception of 3D
production in our society. Investors worldwide have taken notice, including the
United States government, who recently approved a $60 million research and
educational program on 3D printers.
Delcam plc


specialized computer software design
manufacture 3D engravings software
used by more than 9,000 organizations
provide raw materials


limited service: software primarily
limited product offer


expand themselves into different fields
broadening product line offer


more accessible brands might compete with their target customers

Systèmes Company


engineering and design process
digital manufacturing and simulation
virtual testing
3-D solid modeling


mainly working with large manufacturers
narrow focus: concentrate on education, sports and technology


large expansion potential
establish as the industry leader
offer full production line


compete with 3D Systems customers
relatively unknown outside the industry

They are both
focused and specialized in developing software and designs process. As 3D
Systems expand themselves with Cubify into offices and everyday life, Delcam
and Dassault are more focused on designers, manufacturers and consumer
The 3D system
‘s main competitive brand are Dassault Systèmes Company and Delcam plc Company,
they all have innovative technology in their field in engineer, design process
and computer software design. other 3D system companies such as Strategy are
not direct competitor towards 3D system; because their product are not strong
enough in their specialization and have low market awareness.
History of advertising
3D Systems
target the office crew to shape their advertising to attract that specific
group, they emphasized on simplicity of usage, demonstration and explanation.
They would then follow with demonstrations of how it stands against other
regular materials, and display its superiorities of their printing materials.
The promotional selling focused on: hard, durable, smooth, plastic parts. They
added a website that link to this specific model to increase communication and
provide additional contact information. In other way, the company begins
partnerships with major brands such as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac. They
kept their target group and put on demonstrations at different fairs to
increase product knowledge and exposure. In 2013 the company introduced Cubify
that involves with products surrounded in our everyday life. It enables
individuals for their creative designs and has demonstrations available in
SWOT Analysis


Sustainability material
Widely application requirements
Existing distribution networks
Proven R&D department to improve additive manufacturing


High loan rates
Less affordable for average consumers
Unaccessible on design
Lack of traditional advertising


Expand new client to families and average income customers
Increase brand awareness for 3D Systems


Labor and raw material cost increase
Other companies steal patented inventions and technology

Compete with traditional manufacture

Strength–3D Systems
has a number of strengths, often in relation to their value proposition.

Their additive manufacturing and technologies replace traditional
approaches which subtract materials, creating waste as products, parts, or
assemblies to meet their sustainability commitment.
3D Systems develop 3D printer to use in different areas like
education, healthcare and architecture.
Their products are reliable with high lifespan, and in general
their 3D printers can use in over 8 years.

Weaknesses–3D Systems has
weaknesses primary related to their accessibility.

The products from 3D Systems mainly focus on professional and large
companies in the past, so their products are less affordable for
average income and education level customers
Since the 3D system focus on High technology business category so
they only have small market niche. this is why they do not
even launch traditional advertising campaign such as TV channels.
CAD is the basic software by using design 3D models, you need
knowledge to use CAD software in order to print stuff out on 3D printers.

There are two major opportunities available
to 3D Systems, primarily linked to consumer markets.

The major customers from 3D Systems are business clients, therefore
we hope they can expand their clients to families and average income
customers for everyday use.
By compare with major competitors in 3D printers market, we expect to
increase the brand awareness for 3D Systems in order to enhance market

Threat — The potential
threats from other areas may affect the value of 3D Systems.

The gross profit of 3D Systems is susceptible to raw material and
labor cost increase. The instable cost will directly influence the
development of 3D Systems
The patent technology for 3D printers is easily stolen by other
competitors, which will affect sales of 3D printers directly.

IMC Objective
new target demographic to families and average income customers by everyday use

Increase family and average income customers usage of 3D printers by

Advertisements in development architecture magazines, TV commercial
on Disney Channel, kids TV and other channels alike.
Build E-commerce basic website that families and normal customers
can directly order 3D printers though the website.
Since family have strong connection with movies and daily TV talk
shows, if we sponsor movies and talk shows, we will increase our exposure
to family consumer.

— Develop and
expand brand awareness of company and products through advertising campaign

Increase 15% exposure and awareness using social media like facebook,
Twitter and Youtube.

Post video on YouTube and other social media website to create buzz
and exposure through views and comments.
Coupons will be available on Twitter and facebook. People will get
5% discount on their purchase during in stores visits.

Hosting discussion buzz on facebook and Twitter, the follower who
join the buzz have chance to get free design, this buzz will hosted to
increase 25% social media awareness.

Redefine and build brand image through exhibition by demonstrating the
function to daily consumer.

Increase three 3D printer showrooms in major cities, eg: Seattle, New
York, Chicago.

Organize street campaigns and print it out participants’ designs to
leave deep impressions, so they will remember the 3D-printer forever.

The geographic strategy for the showrooms is set up west
city(Seattle), between west and east city (Chicago), and east city (New
York). The 3D Systems will focus on develop showrooms in these cities in
next 2 years. After that, we hope 3D Systems going to build trade-market
sales promotion around these cities.
In the showrooms, there are all 3D printers samples from 3D
Systems, and customers can directly know every 3D printers’ features and
functions from the guilder. Also, customer can order 3D printers in the
showroom by multiple payment options

Key Issues
Lack of New
product awareness
Currently 3D
Systems introduce the New Cubify, focusing on non-business and normal families
consumer to use. However awareness among non-business consumers are low because
3D printers are new and high technology in normal families. People are lack of
acknowledge the role which 3D printers play in their everyday lives. It would
take a long time to penetrate their image and product into consumer’s mind.
Therefore bigger advertising campaign are needed to help their image to be
recognized and remembered, not just by posting videos on YouTube.
. Furthermore
it’s important to show how the products can be incorporated into consumer’s
everyday life.
The pressure
from other 3D printer competitor
Currently 3D
system corporation still have big competition within the industry, Delcam plc
Company and Dassault Systems company is chasing behind in the area of
engineering and software designing. They already existing wide brand loyalty
customers in Seattle, Chicago and New York rather than 3D Systems. Depend on
the showrooms strategy, we are facing the problem how to build the regional
promotion in order to attract as many customers as possible.
cost of buying design online
The cost for
3D printer include other extra cost if consumers do not want to design the
product by themselves. On the 3D-system’s website, it provides many designs and
try to sale it for the purpose of convenience that people who do not want to
design it. However, the price for different design vary dramatically, this
means if people do not know how to use their software to design product or do not
want to make the product because of time limitation, they will suffer from the
high prices listed online. The additional cost will affect the sales from
normal families and average income customers. In other way, it will cause
negative brand awareness of 3D Systems from the additional cost.
Advertising Strategy
The geographic
description of 3D systems categorize customers into three major cities in
United States like Seattle, New York and Chicago. The reason depends on the
large and famous cities are easier to increase the brand awareness. The
corporation could mainly focus on build brand loyalty in these cities.
After that, we suppose to expand the retail chain to other cities surround with
these major cities in order to expand the brand equity of 3D systems.
segmentation of 3D systems customers mainly focus
on normal families and average income level customers.In 2013, the newest 3D
printer Cubify is going to meet their target marketwith family basic
features. Therefore, we think the demographic strategy of 3D systems is
everyone can experience the highest technology in the daily lives.
characteristics of 3D systems customers mainly describe the value of 3D
printers. The 3D printers from 3D systems can use in several areas like
education, healthcare and entertainment. The customers from 3D systems
distinguish into different values, and customers can buy the 3D printers which
meets their demands and values.
Statement: 3D systems produce newest 3D printer Cubify with cheapest price
which design for normal families and average. Customers will have most
convenience way to buy 3D printers with highest discount coupon and services.

advertising strategy and goals will consist of promote Cubify for normal
families and average income customers, and increase the brand awareness for 3D
Systems as result for increase the sales and win the competition advantage in
3D printer marketing.
Slogan & Advertisement
We plan to
have the following slogans in TV commercial and magazine.
“3D your
colorful life”
“Your Cube 3D
printer comes with 25 free 3D files designed by professional artists.”
“The Cube
ships with easy to use software that preps your files for printing. Available
for Mac or Windows.”

We offer discount coupon for 3D
printers and free design material coupon in our Facebook and Twitter if any
customers “like” 3D Systems.(See appendix)

of the IMC Campaign
Increase 3D printer showrooms which mainly promote
Cubify. in major cities, eg: Seattle, New York, Chicago.
We will be
setting up showrooms or stands for promoting Cubify at events like charity
events, collegiate competitions, carnivals and other sponsored events in those
3 cities. We will broadly promote our products on events like these. We will
have stands or showrooms available to display our products and the wide range
of category it fits into. We will be sponsoring related
because Carnival have many different activities and can attract different
people to come in the Carnival, our showroom will be maximize its visibility
for various consumer, for example we would be having creative masks and
artistic inventions at carnivals. another example we sponsor charity events to
provide free giveaways to Children.

Increase family and average income customers usage of 3D printers by

We will be
working with NBC and CBS to promote our printers in TV shows where Cubify 3D
printers are the focal point of the stories and shows. This will increase our
product awareness and let people see how this product could fit into their
lives, home, and work environment. We will also have our printers in movies and
other talk shows.
We will have
exclusive licensing and naming rights display product on various channels like
Disney Channels, art and architecture magazines. Here we are targeting a more
specific group to achieve our goals to move this printer from an industrial
environment to your home, how you could make use of it. We want to give kids
the freedom for their creativity and inventions, where they can then print it
out in a physical form. Therefore we have chosen to Disney Channels as it
matches many of our goals and perspectives. Similar with art and architecture
magazines, we strive to provide these artists a sample model of their work to
enhance the results, as they can print out their model, examine it and make
changes accordingly.
Social Media
Advertising Campaigns:

Increase 15% exposure and awareness using social media like facebook,
Twitter and Youtube.

Lastly we will
use social media like Facebook, Twitter and youtube commercials create buzz
such as “What is your Design Today”, “CAD tips” and spread the word. It is
important to us to have our products out there on the social media, we want
people to be familiar with it and ultimately discussing about it. Here we
emphasize on the success and how this products stands out among others to
create interest for others to follow and inform others.
We will
deliver 500 coupon each quarter on facebook. the coupon is limited, the rule would
be first come first get. in addition on twitter, we will have design template
code to deliver also at a random period which will increase our involvement
with social media user.
December 2013
Launch our
Television commercial on Major Television Channels such as Disney, NBC, CBS
February 2014
Sponsor events
of Showroom exhibition in three new cities start in seattle, Chicago, New York
Twitter, and youtube buzz continue to promotion
IMC Budgets
3D System Corp
Expense Description
Street Show
Room Cost
$ 1,500
Social Media
Promotion Facebook
$ 1,299
Social Media
Promotion Twitter
$ 129.9
Website Sales
commercial $
Advertising $
$ 2,766,058.2
the Net Income
for 3D system in Dec 2012 is $ 38,941,000, the average price for each 3D
printer is 20,000 because the highest price of professional 3D printer is
above $50,000 so we choose a average price for each one. then, we estimate that
every year they can sell around 2,000 3D printers. (See appendix for distribution
that 3D Printer’s selling situation in one year)
Budgeting method
We suppose the
3D systems using this approach to develop by defining specific goals,
determining the tasks needed to achieve these goals and then estimating the
costs of performing these tasks. This method is easy to increasing market-share
or increasing brand name top-of-mind-awareness.
Expense Forecast
Street Show
Room Cost
cost: $1500 per event
We will set a
street show room when we participate a certain ongoing events,
which will use to attract consumer to look at our 3D printer by providing
general information, answering questions, and operation exhibition.
This showroom
may cost $1500 per day including set up cost, employee’s wage and others.
Social media
Estimated cost
We will try to
increase the facebook and Twitter follower by 50%
People who
like our facebook page will have opportunity to win a prize for one free Cube
3D printer, free design models
The cost would
be the price of one 3D printer.
Estimated cost
$129.9 per printer
Twitter- we
will establish a Buzz by #Cube my colorful life. to let people talk about
our 3d printer by what does the 3d printer’s best impression. people who state
their idea will have chance to get 10% off coupon for buying 3D printer and
accessories on their web shopping site.
Website sales
Estimated cost
$129.9 per printer
The sales
promotion will be implemented on our homepage. Customer will get 10% off on 3D
printer product that they purchase on Thanksgiving period. Also, all the
finished products that sell on our website will be 10% off during that period.
The cost for this sales promotion will be the discount that customer get. For
example, the lowest price for 3D printer and design program is $1299 and
the 10% discount will be $129.9.
Estimated cost
We will launch
a series of advertising campaign to promote our Cubify 3D printer’s
awareness on Major TV channel such as NBC, ABC, TNT and etc.
$2,760,000 from the historical expenditure on selling. Dec 31, 2012,
$92.4Million is the expense on selling and admin expenses. we will count 3% of
the selling expenses for this television commercial.
Estimated cost
We will put
our advertisement on the technology magazine. According to Marketing Research
Media, a full page four color magazine advertising cost $3,000.
Controls &
contingency plans
performance will be measured by the following several metrics:

-Actual Profit Margin

-Social media follow-ups-20%-6000

-Coupon usage- 25%

-Market share percentage

-Number of new stores

If the results
of the 3D system IMC plan is not performing well, we will create a cross
functional team from different department to discuss the potential
reasons and suggestion. And we will build a research on feedbacks and comments
from the social media that we promote our product. The team will analyze the
information we get from social media, and then figure out what is our strength
and what is our weakness in this IMC plan.
Our IMC plan
willincrease awareness of 3DSystems and its printing capabilities will help us
continue to develop advanced technology while taking care of the environment at
the same time.

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