Google has agreed to fund ATA’s East Timor Solar project,

| May 16, 2019

Google has agreed to fund ATA’s East Timor Solar project, but has requested a copy of the Project Risk Management Plan as part of their due diligence before final ‘sign-off’. Since you are a diligent international project manager assistant, you have already discussed the need for a risk management plan with Kate. In light of Google’s request, Kate has asked you to put together a risk management brief for consideration.
We recommend you watch *all* of the ATA videos before you begin your assessment activities. You may need to review these specific videos for this assessment task:
Video 3: Stakeholder Engagement and Management
Kate was asked about the philosophy that she adopted in managing stakeholders, especially when she paused the project after the pilot phase, and how she kept stakeholders engaged. In this video, she continues her discussion of how the decision to pause the project allowed her to develop a more rigorous management plan. She explains some of the measures instigated to support her aims; development of KPI’s, control and monitoring, and an end-users survey to establish a monitoring/evaluation baseline. She further explains the reasons why it was important to actively engage the East Timor Government and local stakeholders with the project. (7 minutes)
Video 4: Project Risks
Kate discusses some of the issues which can arise when outside organisations try to engage with local communities, and how utilising local knowledge and experience can help lower barriers to successful project outcomes. Topics covered include language, international procurement and supply chains, currency exchange rate risks, and health and safety risks. (11 minutes)

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