goerge washington DNSC6269 case study latest Spring 2015

| June 14, 2016

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Decision Sciences Department

Master of Science in Project Management

DNSC6269: Spring 2015,

Instructor: Dr. Homayoun Khamooshi

Case Study: 300 points

Choose a failed project. The project must worth more than few million dollars (no upper limit). Collect as much information on the project as you can. Develop a report assessing the management of the chosen project. In this report you are required to address all the essential project management processes for the project. Identify the cause for failure and lessons learned. In other words the report is going to be an independent project analysis of the case and its project management as a system.
The maximum number of pages for this report is 25 including appendix.
Perfect referencing is a must.
You are required to work as a team of three or four students and submit only one report.
N.B. You must follow the given structure in developing your case:

? Introduction (a short description of the project not the problem if any (no more than one page)

? Overview and Background should cover a bird’s eye of the project, contract, stakeholders, strategies, objectives, etc. with some basic critical project data.

? Status of the project should cover a chronology of the project events from start to the cutoff point, explaining all the information you could provide without pointing to the problem or issues. You may document minutes of the meeting, conversations, interviews, etc. but you should not express your own views here, (A neutral statement).

? Three to five critical questions!

? Critical Evaluation and Analysis Section (the title of this part could be anything to reflect the nature of the write up: It is the place where we introduce our perspectives, the problems and issues of the system

? Conclusion and Recommendation: your real input!

Also you must sign and submit the integrity statement clearly showing the contribution of each team member.

Good luck: hkh

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