Global marketing report Word limit: 2000 to 2500 words

| December 12, 2017

marketing report
limit: 2000 to 2500 words
date: 06/oct/2013
time 9:00 am

Write a report on the given topic.
The report has to cover a
comprehensive review of the literature on the topic, as it relates to current
international marketing issues facing businesses operating between countries.
The audience for this report
should be an Australian organization. You will discuss the theory surrounding
the issue and provide relevant, practical recommendations on how your
organization should manage its exposure to the issue.
Read widely in the area,
exploring theory and current best practice.
The emphasis will be on
critical analysis and interpretations, rather than description. No marks will
be awarded for merely summarising the key arguments put forward in the academic
articles reviewed.

Table of contents
Executive summary
Introduction (aims of the report)
Literature review
Management implications (how does this apply to your selected

You need to READ WIDELY first, exploring
both theory and current best practice.
You need to identify the key issues
You need to explain how the key issues
identified would affect the chosen organization.
You need to provide recommendations to the
chosen organisation on HOW it could face the issues identified (in terms of
minimising the threats and taking full advantage of the opportunities).


•CONTENT – 75%

•Relevance of material to topic

•Appropriate use of theory

•Quality, accuracy and depth of critical

•Breadth of ideas from literature, research
and/or experience

•Application of ideas and discussion of

•Comprehensive and cogent recommendations


•Coherence of argument

•Prose style: sentence structure, grammar,
spelling, etc.

•Structure and presentation, paragraphing,
layout, etc.

•Referencing – reference list and in-text referencing

for the report:

Trade shows are a common form of promotion
in international markets.

Discuss the factors that an Australian firm
should investigate when considering launching their consumer product through
trade shows in Asia.

NOTE: You have to discuss the topic from
the perspective of an Australian firm aiming at launching their consumer
products through trade shows in Asia (in general).

If you like, you can provide specific
examples, related to specific Asian markets.

Paper must be fully referenced
using APA citation and referencing standards.
Use at least 15 references
Do not use Wikipedia
Use journal articles as well
Cover all the topics given in
the structure.

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