Global Challenges in Economics

| September 13, 2020

“Take a look at this,” a coworker of mine said, tossing a pamphlet on my desk. It was the first thing in the morning. Sipping my coffee, I logged on to the network and leafed through the Excellence in Government publication. A few moments later the man returned and said, “Did you look that over? I think you”ll be perfect for it; give it a shot!” Already an employee with the Department of Veterans Affairs and a retired United States Army officer, I didn”t give the Excellence in Government Fellow program was for me. However, about a year ago I discovered that the Department of Veterans Affairs was suffering financially and structurally.
Anyone who has worked within a governmental organization knows that effective management skills are requisite: such skills can often best be acquired through interfacing the knowledge of the business world with the particular needs of government organizations. Moreover, as our public service bureaucracies increasingly take on the character of corporations, departments like the Department of Veterans Affairs must be restructured and analyzed so that they can meet the standards of a demanding economic and political environment. Having recently become keenly aware of and concerned about the changes in our government services and to their fundamental structures, I am seeking a challenging professional position with the American government.
As global economic and political affairs become more complex, the United States government will need new leaders and visionaries to rise to the fore. Like me, many of these new leaders will have dedicated their time and energy in service to the United States Army. Also like me, many aspiring new leaders will have worked in volunteer or professional capacities for the government. I offer years of varied and dedicated service for both the United States Army and the Department of Veteran”s Affairs.

Therefore, I have already proven that I possess the skills and talents to be an effective public servant. Years of experience working in service to the government illustrates my level of passion, commitment, and drive. However, in order to participate fully, I will need the networking and experiential opportunities I can acquire through the Excellence in Government Fellow program. Thank you for your consideration.

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