Global Business Strategies

| February 4, 2016

Global Business Strategies

A major activity for this course deals with cross-cultural awareness. The cross-cultural awareness project can be satisfied by working with persons in our country who represent different cultures. As described below, this will involve interviewing two persons using the knowledge gained in this and other courses, so the interviews are required to be current.

(1) Students, working as individuals, will explore Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions to study two non-Anglo countries. Students will speak/interact directly with a minimum of two people from each of the chosen countries. The expectation is that students would spend a minimum of at least five hours in direct contact with persons in each of the two countries and will provide a log of time spent in the appendix of the paper. Students are expected to explore relevant data (cultural, economical, political, and social issues) to assist them in better understanding the position these countries have in the global environment.

Students should use the Hofstede six-category framework in discussions with the interviewees. Explore each of the Hofstede categories with the interviewee and report on this discussion in the cross-cultural paper. It is recommended that the student read the Hofstede book early in the course so that the Hofstede framework will be well known before the interviews are conducted.

(2) Students are then required to write a ten page paper discussing the comparisons of countries/cultures as well as their personal insights from these interview experiences. Students are required to follow the APA6 manual guidelines for a title page, use one-inch margins, font (12 font), and citations. A reference page should be included with references following the approved APA6 format. A running head should be included. However, no abstract is required nor is a table of contents.

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