Global Business and Sustainability

| February 10, 2016

Topic: Global Business and Sustainability

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The last decade has witnessed a rapid growth in cross border acquisitions from firms in emerging markets.
? (1) Assess the effectiveness of traditional theories of acquisitions in explaining the occurrence of cross- border acquisitions from EMEs. Support your answer by critically examining the key drivers of cross border acquisitions from a particular country of your choice.
? (2) What have been the implications of foreign investment from Emerging markets on sustainable development in a country/region of your choice?

These are tips and expectations

A discussion of traditional theories that explain why foreign acquisitions (or investment) occur, such as OLI, resource based hypothesis, transaction cost theories, etc.
2. An examination of the factors that drive acquisitions from EMEs and how these relate to the traditional theories.
3. Whether traditional theories are sufficient in explaining cross border acquisitions from a particular country or region of choice.
4. A discussion of the concept of sustainable development
5. A discussion of the impacts (economic, social, environmental) of
foreign investment from EMEs drawing on examples in a particular
host country.
6. A link between the discussed impacts to whether or not sustainable
development has been promoted or hindered in the host country/region of choice. Use of case illustrations and the empirical literature are welcome.

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Plus use aditional refernces should be included… also you dont have to use all those references they are just there in they are needed

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