Gestational Diabetes

| October 22, 2018

I-Search Project
Write an I-Search
paper, the goal of an I-Search paper is to teach you and your reader something
valuable about the chosen topic and about the nature of searching for and
discovering information. This assignment will also give you practice
researching appropriate sources on the web and citing them in MLA format. You
must choose a topic that you are genuinely interested in, then research it and
write about your search and what you found. This assignment is meant to provide
a step-by-step record of the discovery process.
Make sure it is
something you genuinely want or need to learn about. You might write
about backpacking because you are planning a hiking trip this summer, about
diabetes because you are worried about your health, or about choosing a career,
for instance. The important thing is to choose a topic that you want to
investigate rather than having your instructor choose it for you. Also, make
sure the question is not too broad or too narrow.
these steps
1. Brainstorm and select a topic
2. Answer the following questions:
How did you get interested in this topic?
What do you already know?
What questions do you have?
Where could you get information about this topic?
How is knowing about this topic going to help you
What I think I know about the topic Questions I have about
the topic

to write the paper:
In an I-Search paper, you use the
pronoun “I.” For example, “I’ m planning to start a vegetable
garden next year and I want to know the best varieties of vegetables to grow in
this climate.” Do not follow the standard essay format. Use the model
paper must include five steps and be a minimum of four paragraphs
Introduction: How I got interested in this topic. What I
already know about the topic. How I plan to learn more.
2. Description
of the Search:Where I looked and how I chose my sources (be
sure to include only credible sources. Tell me why you chose your article ahead
of others.) You may interview a person as one of your sources, if you choose.
3. Results:
What I found out about the topic that I thought was useful. Include at least
two quotations or paraphrases.
4. Conclusion:
How I’m going to use this
information and what I still want to find out.
Works Cited (MLA format).I must be able to easily locate your sources,
and all the named contributors to the source must be credited (writers, actors,
etc.). Be sure to include at least three
sources. They can include online
articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles, books, or personal interviews.
on Lexis/Nexis from the school library are “print” articles. Be sure
to cite them as “Newspaper Articles” or “Magazine
The Purdue OWL
site can show you how to use MLA format. (10 points)
You may also use
an online “citation machine” such as the website Son of Citation Machine oranother citation website, if you like.(

Example: Works Cited
Formisanoo, Bob.
“How to Stain a Wood Deck.” The New York Times Company,
2011. Web. 9 Jun 2011

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