General Policy Regarding Laws and Business Conduct

| June 14, 2018

Week 5 you will write a 2-3 page ethics code for Morinda Corporation. You will need to address the issues that you consider most important in specific detail. In doing so, you will write a code of ethics that you think covers the major issues based on what your learned in class and additional research. You may want to look up some codes of ethics as models to begin your task, but make sure that you do not copy and paste a code from another company. You should research the major issues or laws relating to your section. The Librarian for Herzing University Online can help.Sections of the ethics code should include but is not limited to:General Policy Regarding Laws and Business ConductEmployees (How the corporation treats the employee)Employees (How the employee conducts himself/herself in work related environments)Customers (How the corporation interacts with customers)Suppliers (How the corporation interacts with suppliers)Health and Safety (Employees, Customers, Suppliers, and Environmental considerations)Import and Customs MattersInternet SecurityYour code of ethics should address the majorissues that we discussed in class. Be sure to balance the needs of the employees, the customers, the suppliers, and the company. Your code should be short, but should include the areas that you considered important to your section.Using APA formatting, write your code of ethics in a 2-3 pages (this page amount does not include the title and reference page). Be sure to include the ethical expectation and do’s and don’ts with regard to each section. This means that you will need to avoid titling a section and stating what it means underneath and stopping there. You need to explain the ethical expectation for the company, employees, and suppliers where relevant which includes an explanation of what they should and should not do. All papers will be graded for content, clarity, grammar/spelling, and appropriate use of APA formatting guidelines. A minimum of five references must be utilized.

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