general business data bank

| August 14, 2017

71. Scrappy Sales, Inc. a local recycling plant,
recently embarked on an effort to increase coordination and cooperation within
the company. During the process, Scrappy managers reviewed and specified job
responsibilities, grouped jobs into work units and re-allocated resources within
the company. Scrappy managers were exercising the management function of
A. planning.
B. organizing.
C. leading.
D. controlling.
E. budgeting.

72. ______________ involves assembling and
coordinating organizational resources.
A. Controlling
B. Planning
C. Organizing
D. Leading
E. Quantifying

73. Augusto manages Brass Beauties, a manufacturing
facility that provides brass fittings to the boat manufacturing industry. The
factory has over 100 workers, three line managers and Augusto is the general manager.
Augusto spends much of his time on the factory floor, speaking with the workers
and line managers about how to be more effective and efficient, while at the
same time acting quickly to fulfill the needs of the ever-changing boat
manufacturing industry. Augusto relies on the opinions of his people, as he
views them as his most valuable resource. Brass Beauties is known in the
community as a wonderful place to work because the people who work there are
top-notch and because they are a diverse group, are creative in all aspects of
their work. This scenario illustrates that Augusto is especially good at which
of the following dimensions of management?
A. Planning
B. Controlling
C. Leading
D. Organizing
E. Budgeting

74. As one of the key management functions, leading
focuses on a manager’s efforts to
A. mobilize people to contribute their ideas.
B. build organizations that are flexible and adaptive.
C. make sure goals are met.
D. identify opportunities for sustainable advantage.
E. build a dynamic organization.

75. A manager’s ability to stimulate people to be high
performers is referred to as
A. planning.
B. organizing.
C. leading.
D. controlling.
E. monitoring.

76. When Johnny Jack, manager of Jack-Mack Enterprises
realized that his plan to increase sales levels among associates was not
producing the results he desired, he took quick action to make necessary
adjustments. Johnny was exercising the management function of
A. planning.
B. organizing.
C. leading.
D. controlling.
E. communicating.

77. _______ involves monitoring performance and making
necessary changes.
A. Budgeting
B. Planning
C. Organizing
D. Leading
E. Controlling

78. Through careful monitoring of the financial
budgets of a firm, managers can detect potential problems in reaching their
financial goals and take actions to reverse the problem. This is an example of
the management function of
A. planning.
B. controlling.
C. leading.
D. organizing.
E. budgeting.

79. Senior executives responsible for the overall
management and effectiveness of the organization are called
A. long-term managers.
B. middle managers.
C. strategic managers.
D. tactical managers.
E. short-run managers.

80. The three levels of managers within large
organizations are
A. international, regional and local.
B. marketing, management and accounting.
C. technical, functional and departmental.
D. upper level, top management and functional.
E. top-level, middle-level and frontline.

81. Top-level managers focus on
A. long-term survival of an organization.
B. translating goals and objectives into specific activities.
C. managing frontline managers.
D. supervising non-management employees.
E. initiating new daily activities.

82. ________________ managers are typically concerned
with the interaction between the organization and its external
A. Regional
B. Top-level
C. Middle-level
D. Frontline
E. Functional

83. CEO, President, COO and Vice President are all
titles typical of which level of management?
A. Strategic
B. Tactical
C. Operational
D. Functional
E. Regional

84. Which type of manager has responsibility for
translating the general goals and plans developed for an organization into more
specific activities?
A. Operational managers
B. Functional managers
C. Activities managers
D. Strategic managers
E. Tactical managers

85. Lower-level managers who supervise the operational
activities of the organization are called
A. frontline managers.
B. middle managers.
C. top-level managers.
D. tactical managers.
E. strategic managers.

86. Tactical managers are often referred to as
A. center managers.
B. middle-level managers.
C. lower-level managers.
D. operational managers.
E. upper-middle managers.

87. Managers responsible for supervising the
operations of an organization are referred to as
A. strategic managers.
B. functional managers.
C. supervisory managers.
D. operational managers.
E. tactical managers.

88. Operational managers play a crucial role in an
organization because they provide
A. the link between managerial and non-managerial personnel.
B. discipline for problem managers.
C. the key plans for an organization’s success.
D. feedback on top management performance.
E. direction and strategy for the organization.

89. One of Cory Crowe’s primary activities in his
career as a supervisor at Crowe Bird Food, Inc. is working with his
middle-manager, A.J. “Crazy” Crowe to carry out opportunities for new
growth in the business (such as expanding into exotic bird foods) and
developing the people who are actually manufacturing the food. Cory is most
likely a(n)
A. frontline manager.
B. tactical manager.
C. middle-level manager.
D. top-level manager.
E. administrative controller.

90. Titles such as foreman, sales manager, shift
manager, or supervisor typically belong to managers at what level?
A. Strategic
B. Middle
C. Top
D. Operational
E. Tactical

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