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| August 14, 2017

Cari often has temper
tantrums and pouts when she can’t have her own way. She behaves impulsively and
becomes extremely impatient if she can’t have the things that
she wants immediately. According to Freud’s
view of personality, Cari’s personality appears to be
dominated by
a. her ego.
b. her id.
c. reaction formation.
d. her superego.
19. If she is using the defense mechanisms of reaction
formation, a mother who actually hates her son would
MOST likely be both unaware of her hatred and
a. direct her hatred toward her daughter.
b. act in an extremely loving way toward her son.
c. act in an extremely critical way toward her son.
d. believe that her son hated her.
20. Terror management theory asserts that much of our
behavior is motivated by our needs
a. to defend our worldview and preserve our self-esteem.
b. to defend our worldview and reduce mortality salience.
c. for self-preservation and preserve our self-esteem.
d. for self-preservation and reduce mortality salience.
21. Some researchers are investigating whether dysfunctions
in neural circuits using ________ play a role in
a. acetylcholine
b. endorphins
c. opiates
d. glutamate
22. People who are clearly schizophrenic but who cannot be
placed into any of the three main categories for
schizophrenic disorders are said to have
a. undifferentiated schizophrenia.
b. borderline schizophrenia.
c. disorganized schizophrenia.
d. schizophrenia in remission.
23. According to Seligman’s concept of
“preparedness,” which of the following stimuli should one develop a
phobia toward MOST easily?
a. Chairs
b. Monkeys
c. Heights
d. Certain numbers
24. Four-year-old Sam has erotically tinged desires for his
mother and also feels hostility toward his father.
Freud would conclude that Sam is experiencing the
a. Oedipal complex.
b. phallic complex.
c. identification complex.
d. genital complex.
25. Lenny is diagnosed with schizophrenia. He will often
remain completely motionless for long periods of time.
He almost looks as if he is imitating a store mannequin or a
statue. Lenny’s behavior is MOST consistent
a. disorganized schizophrenia.
b. paranoid schizophrenia.
c. undifferentiated schizophrenia.
d. catatonic schizophrenia.26. Sarah is a 23-year-old woman
whose sister was recently diagnosed with a depressive disorder. Jacob is a 25-
year-old man whose brother was recently diagnosed with a
depressive disorder. Based on studies that have
investigated genetic vulnerability, you should predict that
a. Sarah is at a higher risk than Jacob for developing a
depressive disorder.
b. Jacob is at a higher risk than Sarah for developing a depressive
c. both Sarah and Jacob are equally likely to develop a
depressive disorder.
d. neither Sarah nor Jacob is likely to develop a depressive
27. Alexia started a new job on Monday morning. For the
first three days, she showed up in bright colors and
was outgoing and extroverted. However, on Thursday, she
showed up in a dark suit and appeared shy and
introverted. She insisted that her name was Clara, and she
couldn’t understand why her coworkers kept
calling her Alexia. In this example, Alexia is showing
symptoms that are consistent with
a. bipolar disorder.
b. dissociative identity disorder.
c. disorganized schizophrenia.
d. antisocial personality disorder.
28. The disorder that is characterized by worry and fear,
muscle tension, trembling, faintness, and difficulty in
concentrating is known as a
a. conversion disorder.
b. paranoid disorder.
c. dissociative disorder.
d. generalized anxiety disorder.
29. It is safest to conclude that after 40 years of research
effort, the neurochemical bases of mood disorders
a. is a fiction.
b. will soon be discovered.
c. has been found.
d. remains mysterious.
30. A person who perceives stimuli that aren’t there is said
to have
a. hallucinations.
b. delusions.
c. obsessions.
d. illusions.
31. Carly has had intense feelings of sadness for the past
several weeks. She has very little energy and has
stopped going out with her friends. She has lost her
appetite and rarely cooks. Carly feels her situation is
hopeless and that she only has herself to blame. MOST
likely, Carly has
a. generalized anxiety disorder.
b. bipolar disorder.
c. major depressive disorder.
d. minor depressive disorder.
32. The average duration of depressive episodes is
a. 7 to 14 days.
b. 4 to 6 weeks.
c. 1 year.
d. 6 months.
33. Bipolar disorders occur in ____ of the population.
a. about 1 or 2%
b. nearly 33%
c. approximately 7%
d. around 15%34. Behavior that does NOT coincide with
cultural norms may be considered to be
a. deviant.
b. maladaptive.
c. personally distressing.
d. insane.

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