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| August 14, 2017

____ 58. Enos and Amir are
both currently 30 years old. Enos’ biological mother has schizophrenia, but
neither of his adoptive parents have the disorder. In contrast, neither of
Amir’s biological parents have schizophrenia, however his adoptive mother has
schizophrenia. Based on research that has investigated the role of genetic
vulnerability in schizophrenic disorders, you should predict that
a. Enos is unlikely to develop schizophrenia, but Amir has an increased risk of
developing schizophrenia
b. Amir is unlikely to develop schizophrenia, but Enos has an increased risk of
developing schizophrenia
c. Enos and Amir are both at high risk for developing schizophrenia
d. neither Enos nor Amir is likely to develop schizophrenia

____ 59. Research with CT scans and MRI scans suggests that there is an
association between chronic schizophrenic disturbance and
a. shrunken brain ventricles
b. atrophied cells in the corpus callosum
c. enlarged brain ventricles
d. enlarged temporal lobes

____ 60. What do the histrionic, narcissistic, borderline, and antisocial
personality disorders have in common?
a. mistrustfulness and the inability to connect emotionally with others
b. maladaptive efforts to control anxiety and fear
c. high levels of communication deviance
d. highly impulsive behavior and a flair for overdramatizing events

____ 61. Which of the following statements is MOST accurate?
a. Although they may be superficially charming, antisocial personalities rarely
experience genuine affection for anyone.
b. Antisocial personalities are, by definition, violent criminals.
c. Antisocial personalities act as they do out of terror of punishment or
d. Antisocial personalities tend to have an excessively high tolerance for

____ 62. Jeffrey Dahmer was judged to be legally sane, even though he admitted
to butchering, cannibalizing, and then having sex with the dead bodies of over
a dozen young men. The judgment of legal sanity meant that
a. his actions failed to meet the criteria of cultural deviance
b. he was able to appreciate the fact that his actions were legally or morally
wrong at the time of the crime
c. he had recovered from his psychological disorder by the time the trial took
d. his actions failed to meet the criteria of personal distress

____ 63. The prevalence estimates of both schizophrenia and bipolar disorders
are roughly comparable across diverse cultures. This finding lends support to
a. the relativistic view of psychological disorders
b. the stress-vulnerability model of psychological disorders
c. the idiosyncratic view of psychological disorders
d. the pancultural view of psychological disorders

____ 64. Of the following, which is the MOST accurate statement regarding eating
a. Bulimia nervosa is a more life-threatening condition than anorexia nervosa.
b. Both bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa lead to death in 2-10% of
c. Anorexia nervosa is a more life-threatening condition than bulimia nervosa.
d. While bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are both serious conditions,
neither is a life-threatening condition.

____ 65. Scarlett has anorexia nervosa and Bridget has bulimia nervosa. Based
on the research into these two disorders, you should predict that
a. Scarlett will be more likely to recognize that her eating behavior is
b. both individuals are likely to deny that their eating behavior as
c. both individuals will recognize their eating behavior is pathological, but
neither will be willing to seek treatment
d. Bridget will be more likely to recognize that her eating behavior is

____ 66. Clive is a clinical psychologist and his sister Grace is a
psychiatrist. The main difference between these two professionals would be the
fact that Clive would
a. typically deal with patients who have more severe problems than the patients
Grace usually sees
b. normally treat young children, while Grace would treat more adults
c. have a degree in psychology, while Grace would have a medical degree
d. take a psychoanalytic approach in treating patients, while Grace would take
a behavioral approach

____ 67. According to Freud, neurosis usually results from unconscious
conflicts over
a. power and aggression
b. sex and aggression
c. sex and achievement
d. power and achievement

____ 68. All of the following are Freudian techniques to bring unconscious
material to consciousness EXCEPT
a. free association
b. analysis of transference
c. dream analysis
d. directed confrontation

____ 69. George has been in psychotherapy for several months. When he first
started therapy George had a very positive relationship with his therapist.
However, over the past two weeks he has shown increasing hostility, and he
often yells and becomes threatening when his therapist offers her
interpretations of the things that George says during therapy. According to
Freud, George’s behavior may be
a. evidence that his psychological problems are worsening
b. a sign of repressed free association
c. evidence of defensive neurosis
d. a sign of transference

____ 70. According to Rogers, personal distress occurs when
a. unconscious conflicts threaten to rise to the surface of conscious awareness
b. a person engages in negative thinking
c. there is incongruence between a person’s self-concept and reality
d. a person is lacking in self-control

____ 71. Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics that Carl
Rogers believes is necessary in client-centered therapy to encourage client
a. empathy
b. genuineness
c. directedness
d. unconditional positive regard

____ 72. Which of the following statements best represents the approach of a
client-centered therapist in treating a chronically anxious client?
a. “Let’s look for ways in which you might actually be benefiting from
your anxiety.”
b. “So, you feel that your world is a very scary place to be.”
c. “Let’s see if we can identify the irrational beliefs that are producing
your anxiety.”
d. “Do you feel that your mother adequately met your need for emotional
support when you were a child?”

____ 73. Dr. Varsho is a psychotherapist who often argues openly with her
clients. She is very assertive, and tries to persuade her clients to alter
their patterns of thinking. Dr. Varsho is
a. using a client-centered approach to therapy
b. probably not very successful as a therapist
c. using a modern psychodynamic approach to therapy
d. a therapist who uses Beck’s cognitive approach

____ 74. With regard to psychological disorders, spontaneous remission refers
to a
a. recovery from a disorder that occurs without formal treatment
b. recovery from a disorder that occurs as a result of formal treatment
c. sudden recurrence of a disorder in a client who had apparently been cured
d. failure to recover despite extensive treatment

____ 75. Clients’ subjective ratings of changes in their feelings, measures of
clients’ behavioral change, and therapists’ subjective ratings of change in
clients’ adaptive functioning could all be used as measures of
a. therapists’ professional competence
b. the effectiveness of therapy
c. placebo effects
d. personality differences among clients

____ 76. Behavior therapy requires that
a. the client’s vague complaints be translated into concrete behavioral goals
b. the client develop insight into his or her irrational thought processes
c. the client passively accept suggestions for change
d. the client’s concrete complaints be translated into abstract constructs

____ 77. Beth is so terrified of snakes that even walking on sidewalks covered
with earthworms after a rain storm makes her feel anxious. Her behavioral
therapist has been helping Beth overcome her fear by having her work through an
anxiety hierarchy while she maintains a state of deep relaxation. In this case,
her therapist is using
a. hypnotherapy to help Beth overcome her fear of snakes
b. systematic desensitization to help Beth overcome her fear of snakes
c. aversion therapy to help Beth overcome her fear of snakes
d. biofeedback to help Beth overcome her fear of snakes

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