GC UNV506 all discussions latest 2015

| June 14, 2018

GC UNV506 week 1 dq 1, dq 2 & dq 3 latest 2015dq 1How do you think your graduate educational experience will be different from your undergraduate experience? How would you describe a graduate learning community? What would be the key components of a learning community and how might it be different from an undergraduate learning community?dq 2This topic discussed the importance of communication. One of the goals of GCU is to help you to effectively communicate throughout your life. Access and review the “Communication Tool.” Why is it important to communicate effectively with others? How will effective communication help students in their academic career? Give examples. Why do you think GCU emphasizes quality discussion posts and proper etiquette in the Discussion Forums?dq 3After reading the GCU doctrinal statement and learning more about what GCU is all about, how do you think GCU’s Christian heritage makes the GCU academic experience different than at a non-faith-based university? What value will this difference add to your educational experience?GC UNV506 week 2 dq 1, dq 2 & dq 3 latest 2015dq 1Find an academic article. Copy an excerpt from the article. The excerpt should be the length of a paragraph (approximately four to sentences long). Post the excerpt as your initial discussion forum post. Then select at least two posts that your classmates have made and paraphrase the excerpts they posted. Use the paraphrasing guidelines outlined in Lecture 2 to assist you. Also provide constructive criticism on the paraphrases posted by other students.dq 2Why is it important to critically analyze sources? Why are scholarly sources more appropriate for academic research?dq 3How is conducting graduate-level research different from research you did in your undergraduate program? Provide specific examples.GC UNV506 week 3 dq 1, dq 2 & dq 3 latest 2015dq 1What are your career aspirations and what kind of experience do you think you need to get the job of your dreams? Name two reputable sources for locating health care employment trends and information. Are these sources reliable? Why? Who else uses them? What do these reports show for the trends in your area of interest? What career plans do you have after completing your degree? What kind of position are you hoping to find after graduation?dq 2Choose one of the following questions to answer based on whether your program has mandatory certification requirements.For those in programs requiring certification:Review your state board of behavioral health website. Generally you can search the Web under “state credentialing boards” or “state licensing boards” to find the information you need to review the licensing requirements for your program of study. What are your state requirements for your program? How do you plan to meet those requirements?For those in programs for which certification is not mandatory:Although many programs require certification for a position in the field, there are still some fields in which certification is not mandatory. Why do you think that is? Do you think this should be the case? The future may bring certifications and/or licensure in the field. What may bring about this change? What requirements do you see being implemented?dq 3Describe your expectations for how faith and/or spirituality will be integrated into your graduate studies. How will this integration either advance or prepare you for a health care career?GC UNV506 week 4 dq 1, dq 2 & dq 3 latest 2015dq 1Identify your goals for each of the following categories and answer the following questions:What populations and/or entities do I want to work with and why?How can I incorporate what I have learned regarding life-balance in my graduate program into managing life-stressors?How will I manage my time to fulfill either my practicum or capstone project requirements?How will I research facilities to work for postgraduation?dq 2Identify your goals for each of the following categories and answer the following questions:When do I need to start planning for either my practicum/internship and/or my capstone project? Why is this important now when I have just begun my program?What class would my practicum/internship and/or my capstone project take place in?What are prospective prepracticum/internship locations or entities where I can conduct my capstone project? What hours can I work and does that match with the organization’s needs? How far in advance do I need to apply?What research topic and/or population will I be researching for my capstone project?What might my capstone project entail?Will I need certification or to take an exam for my field of study? If so, what are they? If not, how will I continue my education to stay updated in my field?dq 3Identify your goals for each of the following categories and answer the following questions:Why do I need to look at certification requirements in the state I want to work in?Why is it recommended to join a professional association?Why is it recommended to know what jobs are available in my field and how would this possibly effect choosing electives and/or my certification plans?

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