Gather required research for your chosen

| April 14, 2018

Marketing Plan for AppleDirectionsGather required research for your chosen company as it relates to the “Unit Milestones” listed below. It is not required that you submit weekly research to your instructor – but please feel free to ask questions along the way. The written report is due in Unit 7. This report should follow the Marketing Plan outline as demonstrated below. The entire written paper should be 10-12 pages long.The chosen company for the marketing plan is AppleMarketing Plan OutlineSee Sonic Marketing Plan example in the Appendix of the text A1-A7, also see plan example for Pegasus on pg 60 of the text.-Executive Summary-Situation AnalysisMarket Summary (demographics, needs, trends, growth)SWOTCompetitionProduct OfferingsDistribution-Marketing StrategyMission/Objectives (marketing and financial)Target MarketsPositioningStrategiesMarketing Mix/ProgramMarketing Research-FinancialsBreak-Even AnalysisSales ForecastExpense Forecast-ControlsImplementationMarketing OrganizationContingency PlanningPlease do not plagiarize, include reference page. Original content will only be accepted. Thank you!

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