G180 Module 03 Assignment

| August 31, 2017

G180 Module 03 Assignment

1. Out of 420 students who took a statistic test, 310 passed. What percentage of the students passed the test?

2. Rita’s tuition bill for last semester was $4360. If she paid $6052 in tuition this semester, what was the percentage increase on her tuition?

3. Suppose you buy a $1395 savings bond that pays 4.3% annual simple interest. Determine the value of the bond after 7 years.

4. Suppose that you deposit $1735.50 in a savings account that pays 9.25% annual interest with interest credited to the account at the end of each year. Assuming no withdrawals are made, find the balance in the account after 4 years

5. Suppose $3500 is invested in an account with an APR of 11% compounded monthly. Find the future value of the account in 3 years.

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