Full Case Evaluation With Treatment Plan

| February 2, 2016

Full Case Evaluation With Treatment Plan
You will write an assessment report. The elements of the paper are to include:

Identifying Information (disguise names);
Presenting Problem;
History and Background Information;
Behavioral Observations;
Results of Assessments (if any);
Recommendations for Treatment.

Be sure the report is concise and relevant to the presenting problem. The information should present a coherent picture of the individual interviewed and logically lead to the diagnosis and recommended treatment.

The report should be presented in a way that any practitioner who reads it would have sufficient background information to immediately begin a successful course of treatment.

You are required to use the DSM-V in the report and as a source which can be found here:

You will also be required to use in the report the 5-Axis Diagnosis and the GAF.

The Client Info and Transcript, 5 Axis Diagnosis and GAF will be uploaded. The DSM-V is too large to upload so please find it in the link provided in the description.

Use FULL APA Style. CORRECT FORMATTING. First page must have the Running Head in the header but nowhere else, INCLUDE ABSTRACT and do NOT put any references in the abstract. Use proper and scientific language and correct grammar and syntax. Do not use casual expressions or first person in the text and make sure to use politically correct and non-offensive terminology. This is supposed to be platinum quality. DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON. Always refer to the author in third person. Use sources to relate to everything that you say. Use sources that are from the year 2000 and on. The more recent the better. Make sure all references are cited in the text

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