Formal Writing Assignment #3: Compare/Contrast Essay

| November 9, 2018

Writing Assignment #3: Compare/Contrast Essay (180 points)For
your final writing assignment you will be comparing and contrasting the movie
we pick in class (Dallas Buyer’s Club)to the real
events the film was based on. This assignment will ask you to do several
things including demonstration of (1) the basic principles of writing compare
and contrast essays (2) proper integration and documentation of research in
support of your claims and (3) your ability to make a claim while juggling lots
of information. Your papers should be about five pages long and include a works
cited page (yes, the works cited page is in addition to the five pages).
You should plan to include at least three direct quotations from your research
within your paper.

Grading Criteria:
Introduction/Generates Interest and
Establishes Context for Discussion (20)
Point by Point
Organization/Relevant Use of Information/Reflects upon Points (20)
Thesis Statement/Claim/What’s At
Stake (20)
Inclusion of Outside
Research/Appropriate Use of Sources/Sources Don’t Take Over (35)
Specific Discussion of the Film
Conclusion/Stance of Film/Reiteration
of Purpose (20)
Mechanics/Grammar/Printing (20)
Works Cited/ Quoted Material Put
Into Context and Properly Cited (20)

Points: 180

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