Forensic Anthropology (Bone Analysis)

| February 13, 2016

Forensic Anthropology (Bone Analysis)

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For this assignment please follow the instruction. Color the areas on the Skeleton that is missing, complete the inventory sheet and Write a 3 page report. PLEASE SEE THE REST Of THE INSTRUCTIONS

The Case Study will involve a case study analysis of forensic evidence. You will be provided with a case study concerning forensic anthropology from me. Write a 4 page report

This activity will provide you with experience in reviewing, evaluating, and interpreting forensic anthropology data and information. The activity will also give you a sense of how forensic anthropological evidence is used in criminal investigations.

You will prepare a report summarizing and evaluating the evidence in the case study.

Case Study has two parts:
•Part 1: Inventory: Describe the pieces of evidence that you have been provided using the proper inventory format, thus creating an inventory list of ALL bones. Be sure to indicate which skeletal elements are present and absent. What information can be determined from each item? (worth 15 of 100 points)
•Part 2: Final report: Write a final forensic anthropology skeletal report. Draw conclusions based on and supported by specific scientific evidence you have learned in this course. The report should be approximately 2 to 4 pages, with at least one paragraph dedicated to each demographic (sex, age, ancestry, trauma, etc). (worth 85 of 100 points)

Your inventory and final report should focus on skeletal or bone evidence, emphasizing forensic anthropology
The medical examiner has tentatively identified the remains but is withholding this
information so as not to influence your analysis. The authorities have been
interviewing suspects and are looking for inconsistencies between these statements
and the facts of the case. The authorities are requesting any indications as to what may
have caused the individual’s death. Please include any such evidence in your final report.

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