For your evaluation plan you have several options

| August 31, 2017

For your evaluation plan you have several options. You can do a pre-test/post-test that is like 5-10 questions that you would give your trainees to see what they know about the topic before and after training. Include multiple choice and answers over questions you cover in your training. You can do an evaluation on what your trainees thought of the presentation and presenters. This is all stuff you would give if you were doing a face to face training.

The test would be over what you just taught your training class. You are teaching them how to create a resume. So you would think of 5-10 questions about what you taught them.

1. A resume should always be on red paper.

answer: True or False

Then you would create another document with the answers on it.

I just pulled this question out of thin air. You just have to include questions that you actually cover in your training class. Do not ask your trainees something that you did not give them the answer to. The purpose is to see what they know prior to training versus after training.

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