For this week’s Blog area, select one of the Journal Articles to review.

| March 16, 2019

For this week’s Blog area, select one of the Journal Articles to review. Your post should answer the following: What claim are they making in this research regarding the genetic connection between the trait and personality? In what way does the researcher explain how genes contribute to the personality? Do you find their results to be valid and reliable? Can this research present any extraneous variables? Explain. Personality Genes May Help Account for Longevity Personality traits like being outgoing, optimistic, easygoing, and enjoying laughter as well as staying engaged in activities may be as important as physical health in allowing people to live to age 100 and beyond, according to research published in the journal Aging and summarized here in ScienceDaily, May 24, 2012. **********OR*********** What does your selfie reveal about your personality? According to research by Lin Qiu and colleagues published in Computers in Human Behaviour [P]eople who scored higher in agreeableness (similar to friendliness) were more likely to show positive emotion in their selfies and to hold the camera in a lower position; high-scorers on conscientiousness were less likely to reveal a private location in the background (presumably because of concerns about privacy); people who scored higher in neuroticism (suggestive of emotional instability) were more likely to pull a duck face; and finally, higher scores in openness-to-experience correlated with showing more positive emotion. Levels of extraversion were not correlated with any of the cues, perhaps because so many people attempt to appear outgoing in their selfies. From BPS Research Digest, August 11, 2015.

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