For this assignment, due at the end of week 6,

| May 16, 2019

For this assignment, due at the end of week 6, you will be asked to use the feedback from step 1 to prepare a proposal detailing your proposed project. The proposal is to be written in professional report format and contains the following: a short, preliminary literature review that places your project within the context of your profession; a focused research aim, and at least one research question; and a research plan, including: an overview of your proposed methods of data collection and data analysis; Gantt chart schedule; and clear presentation of data sources. The required length for this report is 1,750 words (+/- 10%), excluding preliminaries, reference list and appendices. You are required to include at least 10 suitable high-quality peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles. Assessment criteria (please click here for a detailed marking rubric): Feasibility of project within time-frame Aim and objectives/research questions Preliminary critical literature review Organisation of the project Written communication

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