For the next class, add at least two more slides to your show

| August 30, 2017

1. Basic Slide Show
For the next class, create a basic slide show that incorporates at least five (5) slides in getting a relevant message across.

As part of your show create and use the master slide feature.
Use a background theme, but make sure everything is readable.

2. Animations
For the next class, add at least two more slides to your show. The following items must be included within your slide show: slide transitions and custom animations. DO NOT put any sound effects on any of your slides or you will receive a grade of “F” for this assignment.

3. Media
For the next class, add two more slides and add a media file, either video or sound.

Submit both the power point and media file as attachments with subject line labeled Media.

4. Turning Point
Create a slide show with a minimum 2 regular power point slides and 3 turning point interactive slides.

Make sure you have at least one slide object inserted and correct answer indicated where appropriate.

Send me the final show via email.

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