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| May 7, 2018

Apa, citation, reference 150words1.Respond to this: You gave a very good definition of health care quality as a health professional.  This definition would read differently as a health care consumer.  As a health care consumer, what do you feel the word “quality” means?  I can tell you what some of those who are customers of my current organization state on Press Ganey surveys:  “if I get what I need, it is health care quailty.”  “The food was cold, so that wasn’t good health care quality.”  “My doctor didn’t order the pain medications I wanted.”  Do these statements truly reflect a lack of quaility as defined by health care organizations?Apa, citation, reference 150words2. Respond to this: Quality of care is the degree to which the process of medical care increases the probability of outcomes desired by patients and reduces the probability of undesired outcomes, given the state of medical knowledge (Hicks, 2014). When it comes to the medical field quality can be elusive and is measured in different ways depending on the facility.  One such way is the accuracy of diagnoses which can be tracked through electronic medical records to determine if the original admission diagnosis was ultimately the condition for which the patient was treated and discharged.   Another way to track quality is the effectiveness of treatments provided to patients which can be shown through treatment and lack of readmission.  There is also the services provided can be used to measure the quality of care received.  The higher the services provided such as a digital image xray versus an xray still acquired on film can be considered a higher quality of care.  Apa, citation, reference 150words3.Respond to this: According to McConnell, Brue & Flynn (2015), Marginal analysis is define as “the comparisons of marginal benefits and marginal costs, usually for decision making”. For instance, marginal cost is weighting the benefit of paying extra for something better, so you are considering expanding the radiology department; will it bring in more patients and increase revenue. How much extra will it cost the hospital? What is the added cost?On the other hand, the concept of opportunity cost is the idea of giving up one thing for another. Because of the scarcity of something, I now have to the opportunity to choice what is not scarce. For example,Demand is a schedule or curve that shows the various amount of a product that consumers are willing and able to purchase at each of a series of possible prices during a specific period of time.Supply is the various amount of a product that producers are willing and able to make available for sale at each of a series of possible prices during a specific period of time.Opportunity cost can be applied to the decision making that a patient have to make when choosing to use generic medications because the original meds prescribed cost too much and is scarce. Demand can be applied by the hospital decision to purchase flu shot during the flu season, the only problem is finding a producers/manufacturer who is will to sell at a reduced price.ReferenceMcConnell, Brue, & Flynn. (2015). Macroeconomics: Principles, Problems, and Policies (20th Ed.). NY: McGraw-Hill Education Create.Apa, citation, reference 150words

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