for Dr.Loizeaux only

| April 8, 2018

Bank ServicesResource: any bank’s website and Bank Services Grading GuideWrite a paper in 1,050 to 1,400 words.Access a bank’s website.List five services offered by the bank that were mentioned in Chapter 17.For each service, describe whether it reflects an asset (use of funds) or a liability (source of funds) for the bank.What interest rates does the bank offer on its CDs determine?Evaluate the services you have learned about. What is your overall impression?Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.need this back by Monday 2/20. need 3 references. you can choose any bank i dont care. some of the services from the chapter are listed below. im paying $25▪ Cash▪ Bank loans▪ Investment in securities▪ Federal funds sold (loaned out)▪ Repurchase agreements▪ Eurodollar loans▪ Fixed assets▪ Proprietary trading

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