Food and Drug interactions Teaching project paper

| December 1, 2015

Food and Drug interactions Teaching project paper
When you find sources please use textbook that is mentioned bottom of the file what I uploaded and queensborough community college library website resource.
The sources has to be peer reviewed.
Thus, I already uploaded paper I already did so I want you to use sources that I used if they are peer reviewed.

This paper has to be about Food and Drug intetaction teaching for “Senior Citizen” It must have 3 domains and each domains need to have 2 objectives using appropriate verbs.
For example, Client (or Senior citizen) will be able to identify….. This paper should have outline and good title. I did outline already but I uploaded outline because this paper include contents of outline.I

And those are the 2 websites of sourceshat I used for paper I uploaded. Just in case you could not find them.

This paper has to be focused on drug for Hypertension & Diabetes and food interaction.

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