Find a case study on voluntary administration

| October 14, 2019

Find a case study on voluntary administration of Australian company which faced this issue in last 10 years. what is the company ? history of the company ? what happend with the company ? what is voluntary administration? why they need voluntary administration? is voluntary administrator slove the matter or not? what he does to solve the matter either go with deed of company arrangement or not? what was the result of the case? what would be the recommendation? for example : in the case of lexy Group co. and TS Morgan Developments case. i have attached companies details and case studies for your better understanding please read it and make my report accordingly and should be relevant to my requirement. after the report you must make power point slide from this report , like what is voluntary administration under company law and when company hire voluntary administrator and how it works? secondly case study should be comes and its details on the slides.

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