| June 11, 2016

THE SITUATION:You are a Research Analyst working for a top portfolio management firm. A high-net-worth client has approached your firm with the objective of finding an analyst qualified to manage their large portfolio. Your firm has selected several of its analysts to develop test portfolios in order identify the best person to manage the portfolio of this rich client. You have been selected by your firm to develop a 5-week trial portfolio to present to the client (and class). Because of the importance of this client (and their potentially large investment) your fee for demonstrating superior portfolio selection and management skill will be substantial. The analyst with the best report will become the portfolio manager for this high-net-worth client’s portfolio (valued at over $100 million). Your portfolio management report and presentation will be submitted directly to your firm’s high-net-worth client with the approval of your firm’s Board of Directors. The success of your recommendations will determine the success of your firm in landing this large investor. (It is expected that your portfolio recommendations will not be the same as those reached by other analysts). You should do a market wide financial evaluation to determine the current situation, best investment course, appropriate asset allocation for this important client.


STEP ONE:Update securities prices daily. Prepare an Excel Spreadsheet Investment analysis of Investment Returns. Submit the Investment Returns Analysis to the P6-Investment Returns Analysis Assignment Folder.

STEP TWO:Portfolio Management Project Presentation is 12% of your final course grade. The executive presentation will consist of a narrated PowerPoint slide show with approximately thirteen (13) or fourteen (14) slides submitted as an attachment. The narrated presentation will be evaluated on its overall impact. The portfolio management project presentations and written reports are graded separately. To receive full credit, the written assignment and presentation must be submitted no later than the end of the Week 7 session. Late papers or presentations will be reduced by one letter grade per day. Any assignments received more than five days late will not be graded and will receive an automatic failing grade of zero. Your Portfolio Management Presentation will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

Presentation Construction – Depth, style, professional look

· Posting position, first posting, early posing, late posting

· Professional looking, graphics, effects, text, font size, background

· Presentation of strategy, creativity. Discussion of your investments

· Interaction with fellow students in presentation week. Respond to questions and comments

Presentation – Clarity, Brevity and Impact

· Organization of presentation, clarity

· Brevity – concise use of words to discuss results, tables and figures, etc. Sufficient explanation of tables and figures.

· Educational value and Impact of your project, demonstrated concepts and ideas related to investments.

· Presentation Content – Supporting Research & Quantitative Analysis

· Demonstrated understanding of statistics and quantitative methods. Described importance of statistics with formulas, including geometric mean, terminal wealth, std. dev, Beta, R2, alpha, VaR, information Ratio, etc. Demonstrated the utilization of professional analysis and critical thinking.

· Asset allocation table, initial and final portfolio weights, industry and sector makeup, portfolio return, etc.

· Excel tables, accuracy and appearance; text size, background color, scale, fonts, contrast.

· Excel charts; time series charts cumulative wealth, XY charts for CML and SML. Accuracy and appearance, text size, background color, scale, fonts, contrast.

· Explanation /discussion to support analysis. Words per page, format. Written support for tables and charts.

Presentation – Specific Recommendations

· Recommendations and conclusions, critique your own strategy.

STEP THREE:Post your Portfolio Management Project Presentation Draft in Discussions, Portfolio Management Project. Use the following file name: if your name is John Smith, the file name of your written paper should be SmithJ_PortfolioMgmtPresentationDraft.docx and the P6 Presentation Draft Assignment Folder.

STEP FOUR: SELL THE PORTFOLIO at the end of the weekly session.

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