Financial Information for Decision Making

| March 14, 2016


This assessment requires you to analyse the financial information of GWA Group and evaluate the organisation’s performance. Based on your analysis of relevant information relating to GWA Group, you are required to prepare a structured report (see recommended structure detailed below) commenting on the profitability, operating efficiency, liquidity and gearing of the company. The profitability and efficiency of the company should be analysed using the required ratios. Firms are accountable for generating profit with the assets employed. In addition, the firm must pay its debts as and when they fall due, therefore you are required to assess the liquidity and gearing of the business using the appropriate ratios’. Use the data from the financial statements in the annual report to calculate the ratios.
Your report should cover a 3-year period commencing 2012 and ending 2014, and should be sufficiently broad in scope to demonstrate your understanding of findings following the analysis. Use your analysis to draw a conclusion about the near-term prospects of this organisation…….

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