Finance homework

| November 9, 2018

Chapter 2:The Private Equity Cycle—Fund-Raising and Fund Choosing1.What are the major subcategories of private equity, and how do their investment approaches differ?2.What are the advantages of setting up a private equity firm as an LLC?3.What are the four major similarities for private equity transactions?B4.How might a GP be successful in raising a first-time fund without a track record?5.Why would a corporation, like Intel, want to invest in private equity?6.Which type of LP might be inclined to increase its private equity investment allocation going forward? Why?7.What is the primary role of a fund-of-funds, and what type of investor is likely to invest in one?8.Why have funds-of-funds received criticism?9.In the LPA, how are the interests of the LP and GP aligned?I10.What is the purpose of a “concentration limit”?11.How does the use of leverage vary among the different types of private equity firms?12.Why have larger private equity firms (in terms of assets under management) come under scrutiny regarding their management fee structure?

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