Finance Assignment

| September 29, 2018

For this module, you are required to complete a course project that reveals mastery in application of the management accounting and finance concepts emphasised in the course. This involves reporting on a specific organisation within an industry and the management accounting and finance practices that affect the value of the chosen firm or industry. This project should be a formal business report that provides both specific processes and strategies involving budgeting, costing, capital decision making, capital acquisition, and cost of capital structure of the chosen firm. These processes and strategies are to be supported with management accounting concepts. For this project, you will select a company that you are familiar with or work for.This week you will continue to work on your Final Project for this module. The purpose of the Final Project is to apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the analysis of real-world situations or problems.1. Assess the budgeting process and procedures for the organisation with regards to preparation techniques, uses for evaluation, differences between business units/divisions, etc.2. Analyse how the organisation collects, stores, and prepares management accounting information, particularly the use of a management accounting system (MAS) and how information is disseminated throughout the organisation.3. Evaluate the costing process and procedures of the organisation with respect to method or approach utilised.4. Assess the capital decision making process within the organisation with regards to what methods are utilised, how such methods are chosen, how projects are selected and managed, and what measures are employed to evaluate performance.5. Evaluate the criteria or mechanisms used by the organisation for deciding how best to acquire capital and analyse the capital structure of the company.I have chosen either General Motors or Cable and Wireless [site for cable and wireless is Please advise which you can cover? You might be able to cover your company.Can you include in the appendix the methodology or Balance sheet:How does the company allocate the capital? What kind of amounts are we talking about? What is happening at the level of a plant?How often is it controlled? What happens if the division does not reach its budget? What are the most important items of the budget? Etc.On the other hand you will have a wealth of data on the Balance Sheet, so the capital structure you could discuss in great detail.Please indicate which company can be covered.DUE date: Sunday 5pm.Please let me know if you require further informationPlease also use real life examples.Maximum 3000 wordsPlease have it laid out according to the questions asked.Please include Executive Summary, Introduction, Body,Conclusion and Methodology/AppendixAlso include real life examples and it is extremely important to have in cite referencing and also at the end. Please include Journal Articles that are peer reviewed.

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