Religion in Colonial Africa

| February 2, 2016

Topic: Finals

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a) You are to write a minimum of 1 PAGE PER QUESTION. (Less than 1 page will incur points’ deduction).

b) Each question must start on a new page.

c) You must use 1 additional outside source besides the textbook. Acceptable outside sources are journal articles, books and/or governmental websites. Any source outside of this will not be acceptable and will incur points’ deduction.

d) You must include in-text citation of your sources and a works cited page for any and all sources you use, including the course textbook if you use information from it. You must follow MLA style of referencing. Please go to the library for assistance on style of referencing. Failure to follow this specific style of referencing will incur points’ deduction.

e) Please follow carefully all formatting, style and font instructions (1 inch margins all around; Times Roman, 12-point font, single-spaced). You must include a cover-page for your paper with your name, course, take home exam and date on the cover page. Your pages must be numbered, with page 1 starting with question 1, and must be stapled for submission.

f) You MUST NOT include your name on the first page or right hand of your paper.

g) Each question will be graded independent of the other, such that, failure to include page numbers, or follow formatting instruction will incur points’ deduction per question. This means: points will be taken for poor formatting, lack of in-text citation of sources, etc., per question.

h) Avoid the use of many quotes so that your paper is not flagged for lack of originality on turnitin. You will incur points’ deduction if your paper is flagged.
Answer the following questions:
Questions 3: Do you agree that W.E.B. DuBois was essentially correct when he said that an improvement in the future condition of Afro-Americans would be conditioned by developments in Africa? Explain. (Chapter 13)
Question 4: Do further research on African traditional religion and compare it with Christianity in the following aspects: the concept of God and the role of the spirits, the dead, sacrifice, and prayer. (Chapter 22)
Textbook (Africana Studies) A survey of Africa and the African Diaspora. Third Edition (Azevedo).

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