Final Research Issue and Research Plan

| January 30, 2017

Final Research Issue and Research Plan

In Unit 1, you submitted three potential legal research project questions, and received feedback from your instructor to help you narrow down which question to select for your course project, to formulate the “Question Presented.”

For your Unit 3 Course Project Assignment, submit your final, clearly and narrowly-worded, legal research issue; this is often called the “question presented.” Incorporate the feedback you received from your professor in shaping the question. Then draft a research plan for your approved question. List all the sources you will check, and in which order, but draft your plan in narrative form. Be specific.

If you have already gathered specific resources for your project from your Unit 2 work in Westlaw, you may provide a list of correctly formatted citations of the primary and secondary sources of information you have gathered so far, to initiate your research. Ideally, your list should include published cases, statutes or regulations, and secondary authority such as law review articles or sections from a legal treatise or encyclopedia. Do your best to cite these in the correct Bluebook format.

Here is a web reading that explains how to compose a research plan:

Source: The Ohio State University. Develop a Research Plan. Retrieved from h

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