Final Paper Assignment

| February 4, 2016

Final Paper Assignment
Discuss the style of the director: Ang Lee
Your thesis paper have to discuss all the following items:
•Discuss the style of the director: Ang Lee.•What are the characteristics of his style, and how does his style influence the presentation of the story as well as the images and sound of the movie?•Is his style particularly suited to the subject matter of the film we screened in the course and to his overall artistic concerns, and if so, how?•You may draw from other works by the same director.
Your thesis have to include and discuss the movie “Eat Drink Man Woman” (1994, Ang Lee, 123min) —-Because this screened in the course, that’s way we have to relate this movie to Ang Lee Besides above requirement movie you need to discuss in your paper, you also have to choose other works from the same director Ang Lee to discuss!Suggestion: movies from Ang Lee
•Brokeback Mountain (2005, Ang Lee, 134min)
•Life of Pi (2012, Ang Lee, 127min)
•Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000, Ang Lee, 120min)
•Or any Ang Lee’s movies you want to talk
•Do NOT summarize the plot. All too often students substituteplot summary for analysis. On the other hand, do contextualize
when necessary. The rule of thumb: on each page, there should be less than 25% description of the plot.
•Due Thursday, December 10, on ICON via dropbox.
•Length: 8-10 pp. As per our discussion, two of the pages of may bestills from the film that the paper discusses. That means aminimum of 6-8 pp. of text, plus 2 pp. of illustrations.
•Underline the thesis statement. Make sure to formulate astrong thesis statement rather than a weak thesis statement.For tips on finding a thesis statement and on what a strongthesis statement is, read <>.
•Title the paper.
•Avoid mechanical errors such as improper punctuation,capitalization, italicization, etc.

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