Final Exam (Essay Responses)

| December 17, 2015

Final Exam (Essay Responses)

Write a 1 ½ page essay (double-spaced) for each question answering all the issues under the topic.

Question Topic 1: Polishing Your Writing (1 ½ page essay)
1. Explain why it is better to correct errors in grammar and punctuation only after you’ve revised for content, organization, and style.
2. Define what a sentence fragment is and how to fix it.
3. List at least two ways people can tighten their writing.
4. Define parallel structure.

Question Topic 2: Polishing Your Writing (1 ½ page essay)
1. Explain the difference between denotation and connotation.- Define bypassing.
2. Why is it best to use short, simple words when writing?
3. Whether composing an outline for a speech or writing an essay, a topic sentence is essential.
4. Explain how topic sentences help readers.

Question Topic 3: Job Hunting (1 ½ page essay)
1. Is it ethical for someone who isn’t a good writer to hire someone to “ghostwrite” the letter for him/her?
2. Why should you not ask for a job in the first paragraph of a prospecting letter?
3. Why is a good writing style particularly important in a job application letter?
4. If people with your qualifications are in high demand, is there any reason for you to take the time to write a strong letter? Why? Why not?

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