Final Entrepreneurship Exam

| February 9, 2016

Final Entrepreneurship Exam

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This is a take home final, I want you to answer this question please:

How have the rise of internet, mobile devices, virtual reality, e-commerce, social media and global infrastructure changed the landscape for NEW businesses? Describe at least 3 opportunities and 3 threats of this new landscape. Do all entrepreneurs need to have an a global/online presence in order to find a strong business model?
Please do not be general. Be as specific as possible and use EXAMPLES.

Instructions from professor:

You are expected to provide analysis and insights regarding class content in your answers, not just definitions. Answers exploring the deeper meaning and impact of the concept from the course will be well received.
You can mention in the answer how social media affected marketing, how internet and all of these stuff created new opportunities to pursue. You can also mention MVP (minimum viable product) and how it cam now be done online which can save time and money.
Make sure we are talking about NEW businesses, NOT business in general. This is a New Venture Creation class.

i will not have time to send this for review, so please make sure to ask any questions if you have.

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