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| September 16, 2020

Research Paper Plan

For this journal assignment, draft a thesis and a general outline for your research paper. Use the Research Paper Planning Document to type up the plan for your research paper. (This is a form document in Word: click on the shaded areas to start typing; the shaded area will expand with your ideas.)
For each section, type a topic sentence in the first box. Then, use bullets to list the articles, book chapters or other sources you’ll discuss to support the topic sentence.
For the “Ending Idea” identify the primary research, personal reflection, special quote you are saving for the reiteration of the thesis or to your ending point. Begin to formulate an appeal to the reader through logs, pathos or ethos, too.

TIPS: Your book report is the longest manuscript you have drafted so far this semester for use in the research paper. Examine its thesis and topic sentences to give you ideas for your research paper.

Research Paper Template

For this assignment, you will use the Research Paper Template to draft the introduction, first body paragraph, and works cited page of the research paper so I can review it for errors and you can revise it before the research paper is due. These practice pages will eventually become your final draft, so take your time and treat this as if it were your final copy. Please note that, while the assigned pieces will be reviewed thoroughly, if you choose to submit more of your paper than what is required I may not have time to review it all. 
Introduction and First Body Paragraph 
Write a strong introductory paragraph identifying your research paper issue, the specific topic you have researched, and a thesis statement or argument you will support or illustrate in the paper. 
For your first body paragraph, summarize and evaluate one of your foundation sources or article as you did for your annotated bibliography assignment, but go into more detail. Be sure to show off your textual reference acumen and quote correctly when not paraphrasing. 
Review Stubb’s Practice Pages as an example. It includes instructor comments and suggestions that you may also find helpful in preparation for writing your own. 
Works Cited Page
Insert a page break after the practice introduction and first body paragraph and complete your Works Cited list. 
The Works Cited list should have a centered title and all the citations you are planning to include for your research paper in alphabetical order. The required citations include: 

one article from the Course Selection anthology that inspired your research paper topic;
the book you used for your book report
4-or-more articles from online databases
any current or media resources you plan to use
any interviews, surveys or investigations of Websites you have conducted as primary research 

Research Paper (9 pages + 1 page references)
Use M7 Template RP to type an 8-10 page research paper inspired by one or more articles in the Course Selection. This final project in the course incorporates the critical thinking and research writing skills you have practiced and refined over the semester.  
If you need a username and/or a password, use these:

Password:[email protected]

Read each of the following and select one to write your 9 pages research paper:

When Animals Mourn by Barbara J. King
Beasts under the Big Top by Sena Christian
The Great Forgetting by Nicholas Carr
Is Facebook Making Us Lonely? by Stephen Marche
Kitchen Controversial: Why Feminists Should Embrace Home Economics by Rebecca Traister
A Man and His Cat by Tim Kreider

Begin where you left off with your Practice Pages and Works Cited assignment, incorporating the feedback you received. Comments on your Works Cited Practice and Practice Pages will help you fix errors or remaining confusions before your research paper is due. 
Then, review the Research Paper Guidelines prior to writing the remaining pages of the Research Paper. 
You may also want to review the two sample research papers that were provided in this module’s Learning Activities. 

Stubbs’ Research Paper

Remember that you have already written parts of this research paper in a Documented Report, your Book Report and your Annotated Bibliography. Now, all you have to do is make improvements, reorganize your approach, and add one or two new resources to enliven and enrich your project. 
Be proud: You are about to complete substantial college-level research paper on a timely topic. Cheers! 
Please save your assignment as a Word document (.doc) and upload it by clicking on the Browse My Computer button. Name the file as LastnameRP, where “Lastname” is your last name (i.e. JohnsonRP.doc).
Your submission will be checked for plagiarism using the SafeAssign feature within Blackboard.

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