Final Applied Lab Project *

| June 14, 2016

Outline Final Applied Lab Project

Effect of pH and temperature on enzymes reaction in foods containing starch.

1. Organisms

a) Enzyme: Amylase (found in saliva)

b) Substrate: Hydrogen Peroxide

2. Method of measurements

a) pH levels: pH test strips

b) Temperature: Thermometer in degrees Celsius

c) Time: 3 Minute intervals

3. Controls in the experiment

a) Positive: Potato

b) Negative: pH level of the solution

4. Sample Sizes

a) Solutions: 10mL

b) Organisms: ΒΌ teaspoon of grated potato

5. Hypothesis

The reaction will increase when the pH levels increase in acidity and the reaction will decrease when the temperature is increased passed the optimal point.

6. Data Presentation

a) Graph, line, or bar graph depending on outcome of experiment

b) Conclusion and results.

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