Fin Management

| June 14, 2016

Question 1

You have the opportunity to purchase an insurance policy for your newborn son. You must make the payments shown in the table. After his fifth birthday no more payments are required. If your son reaches the age of 60, then the insurance company will pay him $90,000. Alternatively, you could invest the money in a savings account. Your banker promises to pay you interest at the rate of 8% for the first 5 years (from now until your son’s fifth birthday), but only promises 4% every year after that. Should you buy the policy or invest in the savings account?

First birthday


Second birthday


Third birthday


Fourth birthday


Fifth birthday


Question 2

Utility Muffin Research Kitchen Inc. is financed with debt, preferred stock and common equity. Selected information for each of the securities is provided in the table below. Calculate the capital structure weights which would be used to calculate the weighted average cost of capital.

Long-term Debt:

$5M Face Value, Coupon Rate = 3.5%, Annual Coupons, Time to Maturity = 10 Years, YTM = 5%.

Preferred Shares:

0.5M Shares outstanding, Par Value = $10 per share, Dividend Rate (Annual) = 4%, Equivalent preferred shares yield 7%.

Question 3

Orange Inc., the Cupertino-based computer manufacturer, has developed a new all-in-one device: phone, music-player, camera, GPS, and computer. The device is called the iPip. The following data have been collected regarding the iPip project. The company has identified a prime piece of real estate and must purchase it immediately for $100,000. In addition, R&D expenditures of $175,000 must be made immediately. During the first year the manufacturing plant will be constructed. The plant will be ready for operation at the end of Year 1. The construction costs are $500,000 and will be paid upon completion. At the end of the Year 1, an inventory of raw materials will be purchased costing $50,000. Production and sales will occur during years 2 and 3. (Assume that all revenues and operating expenses are received (paid) at the end of each year.) Annual revenues are expected to be $850,000. Fixed operating expenses are $100,000 per year and variable operating expenses are 25% of sales. The construction facilities are classified as 10-year property for tax-depreciation purposes. When the plant is closed it will be sold for $200,000. (Note: Assume the investment in plant is depreciated during years 2 and 3.) The land will be sold for $225,000 at the end of year 3. The tax rate on all types of income is 34%. The cost of capital is 12%. What are the operating cash flows at the end of Year 2?

MACRS Depreciation Rates













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