FIN 3616 Group Project Oral Presentation 2015

| January 30, 2017

Group Project
Oral Presentation
10% of the Total Mark (5% Oral Presentation Skills, 5% Content)
Your company, headquartered in Netherlands, is considering making a major FDI
in South Africa. This planned acquisition will be your company’s first investment
in South Africa. Despite the exciting potential investment, there are some
concerns in the company regarding differing financial systems, potential agency
problems, and political risks present in South Africa. Your group is tasked with
answering the following questions in a 15-18 minute (3 minutes per group
member) presentation in your week 11 or week 12 tutorials (each group
member must present 3 minutes):
1. What are the primary mechanisms of corporate governance in
Netherlands? Are they required by legal mandate or adopted at the
discretion of the company?
2. What are the primary mechanisms of corporate governance in South
Africa? Are they required by legal mandate or adopted at the discretion
of the company?
3. How would you compare the effectiveness of these mechanisms? Would
it be possible to use some of the mechanisms of Netherlands in South
4. Given the exchange rate systems of both countries, what type of
exchange risk would this investment face? How would you recommend
hedging this risk?
5. How would you compare the financial development of both countries?
What issues may these differences cause?
Written Assignment
5% of the Total Mark (2.5% Written Communication Skills, 2.5% Content)
As part of the task above, you have also been asked to submit a 1-2 page (A4
paper, double-spaced, 10-12 point font, length not including reference list)
report answering each of the following questions. These write-ups must be
completed individually by each group member and submitted via Moodle using
1. How would you compare Netherlands’s and South Africa’s corruption
percentage index? What might be driving these differences? What issues
could this create?
2. In general how would you rate the overall political risk of both countries?
Are there any recent examples of political risk? What are some possible
methods, as well as potential drawbacks, to hedge against such risk?
Group Evaluation
5% of the Total Mark
The group will submit a write-up (A4 paper, double-spaced, 200-250 words)
discussing the processes the group used to complete the project. What they
learned from the group assignment? And how could these group processes be
improved in future group work, both at school and through employment. This is
worth 2.5% of your total mark. In addition, each student will rate the
participation of their fellow group members on Web PA (the assignment link will
be provided before the group assignment). This is worth a further 2.5%.
A rubric as well as useful references will be provided for students on Moodle in
the coming weeks. A quick note, plagiarism of any sort will not be tolerated. The
written assignment must be your individual work. Information obtained from
other sources must be appropriately cited. If a student has been found
plagiarizing work from 3rd parties or from other group members the student will
receive a 0 mark and proceedings may be taken with the school.

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