FAU MAB4720 Levendary Café: The China Challenge

| October 22, 2018

software such as PPTLevendary Café: The China Challenge – Narrated Presentation AssignmentYou have been hired as a management consultant by CEO Mia Foster. She is travelling to China to meet with Louis Chen, and wants your advice on how she should proceed. Evaluate this opportunity and present your recommendations to her.Instructions:A. Evaluate the Levendary Cafe current situation in China, come up with a revised set of goals, strategies and actions, and present your recommendations to CEO Mia Foster.B. Create a presentation in PowerPoint or Prezi or other presentation software.C. Narrate and show us your presentation using.screencast-o-matic.com/”>www.screencast-o-matic.com and post the URL link to your presentation on the discussion board on BlackBoard.Your narrated presentation should last no more than 5 minutes, and consist of 5 main slides. (Title or thank you slides don’t count towards limit)Answer the below questions (one per slide).1. Tell Mia Foster what are the major issues the company is facing in China and decisions that need to be made?Explain clearly. Number and explain each issue/decision separately.2. Clearly describe what you think the top 3-4 goals for the company in China should be.(number and explain each goal separately)3. What is a strategy/plan the company could follow to continue to grow and expand in China and meet company goals? Explain clearly.4. What should the company do with Louis Chen? Should Louis Chen be “Fixed”? “Fired”? “Left alone”?Explain how Louis Chen could fit into your plan described in question 3. How could we get Louis Chen to be cooperative with this plan?5. If Mia Foster agrees with you and wants to follow your advice, what are the top 4-5 action steps that she could follow to make this happen and turn your plans into reality? Number and explain each action separately. Give each slide a helpful and unique title to better explain the point of the slide (minimum 28 point font title). Don’t use any font smaller than 24 point. Use well spaced and clearly readable slides. Use colors, graphs or bullet points or graphs if it helps us to understand.Present to Mia Foster directly, as if she is going to listen to and read and use your advice. You are a consultant being paid good money; give him some helpful and valuable analysis that he can use! Try to convince her of your reasons for your decisions.Feel free to email me your presentation in advance for feedback. Enjoy this assignment.

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