fast food nation

| March 14, 2016


Movies can be used as a reliable way of passing messages. In the past movies only acted as a source of entertainment. However, due to changing conditions and need to improve passage of information, movies provide a reliable way of educating people.
Fast food nation movie presents one of the most popular American movies by Richard Linklater. The movie provides a source of entertainment as well as an educative source. The movie provides as an education tool for consumers and producers. The movie challenges the producers and consumers to make a positive change in the food industry.
The movie presents the victims of fast food challenges in the USA. At the beginning, we find Don Anderson the marketer of Mickey restaurant facing problems resulting from contaminated meat products. Don had introduced one of the most selling products known as big one. The product was a hamburger, and they relied on supplies of meat from Colorado. Fecal materials got their way into the meat. The marketer travels to the production center, and he gets assurance that everything was in order. Industries which supplied meat at the UniGlobe, later admit that the poor working conditions existed. The managers confirmed that the workers did not separate the manure in the intestines properly. The managers argued that the workers had not time to separate the fecal material and the intestines properly. This showed negligence and lack of concern. The managers ignored crucial safety regulations so that they could produce heavily. Don also discovered that the production industry exploited the immigrants so much. Raul, Silver, and Talcon migrated from Mexico, and they settled in Colorado. They ended up getting a job at Uni-Globe industry. Later they try to seek other jobs due to deplorable conditions at Uni-Globe industry. Later they turned up to be drug abusers due to frustrations. The most frustrating situation occurs when one of the workers get amputated by a meat grinding machine. This can clearly indicate that the meat used in the hamburgers and other fast foods can be contaminated.
Amber becomes one of the youngest employees of Mickey restaurant. He takes college studies, and he admires to set up his own career. The movie reveals that the working conditions were not suitable for the workers, and that is why they had to stop working. The Mexican’s people migrated to search for jobs in the food related industries, but they never find life any better. The producers of this movie had an intention of educating people on the realities that exist in the fast food industries. Cultures and ways of life change, people adopt new eating habits. The movie tries to educate us on the unhygienic conditions surrounding the preparations of the foods. The movie acts as a social action campaign tool which helps to mobilize people so that they can act and change the existing conditions.
The movie can be characterized as a fictional one, and it uses a lot of imagery to pass the message to the target population.
The characters in the movies do not get enough time in the cast. This could have enabled a clear understanding of what every character ought to present. However, the movie tries to expose some of the worst realities that exist in the fast food industry. The hotel owners never care about the welfare of their customers provided that their products sell. The movie acts as a major awakener to the consumers. Consumers get an opportunity to focus more on the source of the foods that they eat.

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