Ethics Approval Submission

| February 14, 2016

Ethics Approval Submission

Module Name: Organizational Behavior, Employee Relations and Human Resource Management

Project title
Project aims and research questions

Proposed methods/protocol
Answer: chose from the below

Experiments Interviews (details would include whether these are face-to-face, online or group interviews, e.g. focus groups)
Mixed Methods Observations (this would include participant observation/ethnography etc) Review of documents (could include primary or secondary sources, but which might have ‘human participant’ implications)
Questionnaires/Surveys Other

Who are the ‘human participants’ in this research?
Human participants are defined as including living human beings, human beings who have recently died (cadavers, human remains and body parts), embryos and foetuses, human tissue and bodily fluids, and human data and records (such as, but not restricted to medical, genetic, financial, personnel, criminal or administrative records and test results including scholastic achievements)
Briefly describe how you intend to identify, approach and recruit participants.

Enter the number of participants
(Please enter a numeric value, e.g. 200. This should be the maximum number you envisage recruiting)
Where will the study take place?
If the study is to be conducted outside the researcher’s home country/place of permanent domicile, what steps are being taken to ensure that the necessary research/ethical/other permissions are secured, and that the researcher is aware of and respectful of any political and cultural sensitivities in that place?

Does this research entail more than a minimal risk of disturbance to the environment?
Environmental risk might be defined as the chance of harmful effects to human health or ecological systems resulting from exposure to physical, chemical or biological entities that can induce an adverse response. The probability/likelihood and magnitude of possible/potential harms to participants/subjects should be no greater than those encountered by them in any aspects of their everyday life which may be related to the research.
Yes NO

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