Ethical Hacking

| December 11, 2017

Identify and describe the phases that are involved in an
ethical hacking exercise. Describe how an ethical hacker can also perform these
steps, and whether a not a boundary exists in the steps that an ethical hacker
should not cross. If is there is a line, why should it not be crossed? A
task that may be conducted during a vulnerability assessment or penetration
test is to ascertain the strength or weaknesses of the passwords on a system.
This may take the shape of simply running a test against known passwords
or exploiting vulnerability and stealing the
password ***** and trying to crack them. In either case, the concept is the
same; the difference is how the password ***** are obtained. There are many
tools available to perform this task. To help give an understanding of these tools, this activity will have you explore
some of these tools and analyze them to find the right fit for you and your
organization. Complete the following steps: Research and find a method to
extract or access password ***** for your server that meet your needs (this could be the attack or target
platform from your lab environment that has been used in previous assignments).
Extract the password ***** from a machine. With the extracted password *****
try to crack them by using the program that you selected in Activity 2. Submit an obfuscated list of users and
cracked passwords, output generated from the program.

pages pages in PA format

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