Essay Business Strategy

| March 14, 2016

1. Option 2: Strategy

In this Case Study, you will research an airline company and determine its business strategy. Be sure to include research on their business strategy.

Write a one-page (250-word) paper to include the following:

 A brief explanation of Porter’s generic strategies

 Identification of the strategy US Airways uses

 Examples and justification to support the strategy chosen

APA style for papers and projects. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting,

paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed.

2. Unit II Web Assignment

In this web research assignment, you will compare business process methodologies.

Be sure to understand the business process methodology used in this lesson.

Using the Internet, briefly research business process methodologies and locate an alternative business process methodology from the one presented in the lesson.

Write a one-page (250-word) paper that includes the following:

 Define a business process and give an example.

 Compare the book’s methodology to the methodology you found in your research.

 Include a sentence or two on what you think about these methodologies.

 Be sure to reference the researched methodology.

 Provide a brief explanation of the relationship between business processes and information systems.

APA style for papers and projects.

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