| February 10, 2016

Assignment Instructions
Submission Instructions:
Answer the following question in a coherent and well-written paragraph. The total body of your essay should be a minimum of 300 words.
Please include your name, course number, week number and assignment name at the top of your submissions.
For this essay, you MUST submit an attachment AND past the text into Sakai. Only the attachment will be graded. Pasting the text into Sakai is a back-up in case you or I have difficult trying to upload or download the essay.
Cite your references for this and all essays with a URL or proper MLA or APA bibliographic citation. You may use the APUS on-line library to look for scholarly sources. The textbook may be cited as well a reference for essay answers.
See attached grading rubric for scoring guidelines.
There are two questions. Choose ONE to answer (I will accept the second as extra credit). Each essay should be 350 words.

Question 1: Why is the ocean layered? Explain the PHYSICAL CAUSES of layering, and describe the major layers in the ocean. Feel free to include figures. (Hint: Start with Section 4.6) Here is a figure to get you started –

Question 2: You are diving in a Belize sink hole (about 20-30 meters down). You cut yourself on a coral or rock and your blood appears greenish-black. Are you an alien? No … you remember your oceanography knowledge and explain to your dive buddy the reasoning to your scary blood color.
Your buddy also notices that the fish deeper in the water column are not as vibrant in color as when you started your dive in the shallow (5 meter deep) coral reef.
What explanation do you give to your buddy? (Hint: Start with Section 4.7 and following website –

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